A video of mine removal process

Youtube link
Here is a video of modern Russian soldiers clearing mines from the road. First 2 mines are cleared in much the same way it was often done during WW2.

Looks like they are actually working with live mines, so a small error can well be the last thing such a soldier does in his life.

The dog shown in the beginning is trained to detect mines, dogs are capable of that.

First device was an anti-tank mine set to be non-removable (as in explodes on attempt to remove it), so it was detonated by dragging it with a rope.
Second device was an AP mine, destroyed using an explosive charge.
And last there was an IED mounted on a tree, shot with AK.

Tank-like thing shown is a “engineering recon” vehicle, capable of detecting factors like radioactive or chemical contamination, explosive devices and other dangers (it can also determine terrain passability, river depth, ice thickness and many other things which are needed to determine if troops can pass there safely or not).

Could we get one of those (mine removal squad and vehicle) for christmas? :smiley:

That AK shot… was the mine as small as the landmines? 'cause then it was a VERY nice shot…

In case you didn’t know - engineers in S44 can clear mines. :wink:

Of course I know engineers can clear mines, I’ve used them quite a few times.

I was just dazzled by the mine detector vehicle and the accuracy of the :no4: .