A suggestion on flag-killing weapon

What if we add a shield against flag-killing weapon to the infantry that have this weapon? This will ensure that a flag can only be ‘captured’ when there are no enemy troops nearby, contested flags will remain intact until one of the sides secures the area.
The shield should have the same (or maybe even a bit longer) range than the weapon, and of course no visuals :slight_smile:
It just seems a bit weirds when a flag gets dragged down 2 steps away from a squad of infantry because an enemy squad approaches (and your troops are still closer to the flag then theirs).
Also, the flag not blocking shots would be nice, too. I’ve seen 1 SMG soldier hiding beyond the flag take out several of my rifle guys just because they couldn’t shot past the flag and once they went around that obstacle, SMG took them out easily. I should have stopped my rifles to let them take the flag down, but that thought came too late :slight_smile:

Scooted this topic to dev forum since its not a plan so much.

I like this idea a lot; my only concern would be the potential lag from so many shields.

Also, I think we can fix the bullet-stopping ability of flags by making their hitsphere very small and at the very top of the flag (since the weapon is invisible with a 64000 tolerance, this shouldn’t cause any problems).