A Soviet cartoon I think you should see

It’s on YouTube. It has English subtitles, so it should be quite easy to understand what’s going on.
Now, who can identify all the military vehicles shown there? Except for the main cybertank, of course.

Well, I’m not quite sure what the first arty vehicle is supposed to be. Perhaps an american M56 Scorpion.
But the second appears to be a british Ferret 2/6 with Vigilant ATGM.
Third appears to be a 2P26, a GaZ-69 with soviet AT-1 ATGM.

I personally see the first vehicle like that:

It’s the closest match I could find, though far from perfect. At least the base is very much alike (take note of 2 large and 4 small roadwheels per side, as well as mudguard shape).

The gun could be taken from the Scorpion though, it does look like it.

Now imagine a Spring unit that behaves like this. Ie it ‘knows’ when something targets it, and it moves away from the targeted spot (attack mode is nothing interesting, it’s the defence mode that makes this unique). Would be a nightmare to kill with ballistics and other unguided weapons… and even bigger nightmare to script :slight_smile:

I don’t think it would be too too hard to script. Just give the attacking units a ghost weapon that ‘paints’ the target area before it fires the real one, and then have the defending unit tell Lua when it was hit by that ghost weapon, Lua issues a move order away from where it was sitting.

Hmmm, good spot. The gun actually looked to me like a ZiS-2 due to the long, thin, tapered barrel.

I wonder if there were any such conversions? I know USSR recieved valentine as lend lease.

Btw, where is my adulation for knowing the other 2? :sunglasses:

Well, congrats on the other 2. Ferret at least is an exact match (except for some small details that film makers probably had no knowledge about, like which way driver’s hats opens).

As for the 2P26, I’m not sure.
[attachment=0]Polygon (Firing Range) - Полигон (subbed).0-04-54.086.png[/attachment]

2P26 seems to have its missile rails arranged like a cross, while the thing from the film has them as a line.

True. iirc the missile looked like the AT-1 though.

If not, it may well be something else. :blush:

I foudn the ferret 2/6 a bit odd, the VIGILANT missile doesn’t seem to be particularly well known, at least on the web.

The missile you NATO guys call AT-1 (which is called 2K15 here in the East :slight_smile: ) was mounted on more than just GAZ-69 jeep. There was at least 1 type of BRDM-1 - based launcher, and some Warsaw pact countries made their own vehicles for that system with different bases. Plus most of first generation guided anti-tank missiles looks nearly the same, so that device can have nothing to do with the Soviet tech.
As for the Ferret… It reminds me of one Soviet experimental vehicle from the 1930s:
RBT-5 rocket tank. A BT-5 fast tank with 2 x 250kg rockets (called ‘tank torpedoes’) mounted at turret sides. Main 45mm gun was also kept. The effect of a hit from such a rocket was comparable to that of a 12-inch battleship gun.
The design was abandoned because accuracy was found to be terrible, range was too short (1800m max), and rockets were vulnerable to of enemy fire, putting the tank at risk.


Yeah I know AT-1 was used on BRDM-1 too, called 2P27. First gen ATGMs are similar, but the AT-1 has some distinctive features.