A review of 1944

I’m quite certain this is flamebate and dismiss-snootily bait but i thought id give you a take from a new 1944 user who’s played all the other mods (as well as every rts made) and had high hopes for this mod. Please note ive played a couple solo games as i have no desire to inflict my newbieness on experienced players.

The UI - 2/10
All spring mods have this issue somewhat but the 1944 gui is horrid. Or perhaps nonexistant would be more apt. I realise spring and spring modders are trying to be “cool” with transparent guis, ultraclean “simplistic” gui’s but it is only cool in your minds. There is a reason games like coho, starcraft etc etc have more intuitive and easy to undrestand gui’s. This is NOT a major criticism though. As with all mods you eventually learn t o see past the amateurish gui design.

Models - 10/10 You just cant do it any better. The best modelling i know of in any rts is in coho and 1944’s are better in a lot of ways.

Graphics - 2/10. By this i do not mean the graphics engine i mean the way the game is designed to be viewed. The far out view of what are in reality almost ascii symbols for units are good and that should be implemented in some way imho in every rts. However having to zoom in ultraclose and fiddle about to see what a unit is, separate it from a mass etc is horrible. Units should stand out clearly from their backgrounds and should be easily recognisable. If i wanted to play “stream unit x in direction Y towards enemy stream” i’d play supreme commander. Theres a reason neither i nor just about anyone else on the planet plays that joke of a game. If i wanted to play an ascii wargame there is a much much much better one out there and every game programmer on the planet knows what im talkign about. Imho this is mostly a unit size and texture problem.

Gamespeed - excellent. Better than any of the other mods imho. You get in and go at it.

Tactics - this is from a newbie and therefore probably completely meaningless and to be ignored. But rockpaperscissors is how it works in actual warfar and how it should work in Modern rts’s. I didnt detect much of that here.

Strategy- no comment. no new player imho shoud comment on high level strategy as only a very experienced player can really judge that.

Installer/Lobby etc. These are excellent and the other mods should take notes. Lots of them.

Feel free to flame.

What version of the game did you play?

Anyways, thank you for the feedback. We’ve heard the bit about icon wars and visual differentiation for units a lot, but since we’re not going to reskin the entire collection of units (hundreds and hundreds of hours of work, there), it is a difficult problem to address. That said, icons tend to solve the unit differentiation problem, and the unit selection bar helps substantially as well. If you played a version without that widget, I can certainly see it being problematic.

The UI is less a result of us believing strongly in minimalist UI design (although I don’t mind it), and more because we’ve been focusing our work on other elements and UI development is a big project. No need to make nasty assumptions about what we do and do not like in terms of UI profiles.

If you have constructive ideas for any of the problems you listed, don’t hesitate to post. Pointing out issues is a lot simpler than putting together solutions.