A question?

Hello all, first I would like to say I am a big supporter of what you are doing here and can’t wait for a public download.
On to may question I have seen around the site references to strengths of countries (e.g: British have the best infantry.)
What I would like to know is what each country is good and bad at for example

Strengths: best tanks
Weaknesses: poor artillery

I would be very happy if someone could answer my question.
p.s: please get the public download out soon.

Well, it’s sometimes not that simple. But generally things go like this:
Strength: high numbers (of anything, but esp. infantry)
Weakness: low quality (again of anything)
Special qualities: partisans, PTRD, infantry that cannot capture flags

Strength: high quality (esp. tanks, and esp. heavier ones)
Weakness: somewhat lower numbers
Special qualities: fortified bunker as a starting unit

Strength: even higher quality (infantry, British tanks aren’t that good)
Weakness: low numbers
Special: Commandos

Strength: high production power (high numbers) while unit quality isn’t bad either
Weakness: no true heavy tank (Sherman Jumbo is a bad substitution)
Special: I’m not even sure what special they have, if any. Every US unit seems like something other sides have, too.

‘Low-quality’ unit sides (USSR) can have some remarkably good units however, and ‘high-quality’ unit sides (Britain, Germany) can have weak ones (British tanks come to mind…). Air units may be different (like US being the most powerful there, and Germany being the most advanced with their jet fighters). Naval balance (ships won’t be in the next release) can again be different, with USSR having good river and shallow water support craft and Britain having better open-sea fleet, etc.

Thank you for the clarification. I’m a big fan of rts in general but I find what you’re doing very exciting especially your unit and period accurate weaponry. I’m looking forward to seeing the mod/game in action but I have a few questions.

  1. Are you looking at all units used throughout the war or focusing on certain areas such as Europe or north African?

  2. I heard that this is a very offensive game type with very few defensive elements from what I’ve heard the MG nest is the only defensive structure are you planning to add more defensive buildings?(mines?)

  3. I haven’t seen any screenshots of what a developed base might look like could you post one and roughly how many buildings are their in the game?

thank you im looking forward to seeing how you’ve handled navy into the game because it’s my favourite kind of unit.

  1. It’s mainly set around 1944-1945 so it is western and eastern front units of that period.
  2. There are already anti-personel and anti-tank mines, and towed guns (both artillery and anti-tank) are deployed into sandbagged structures.

One other thing i heard you are implementing a limited ammunition system sounds good but are you also including limited fuel for aircraft and vehicles?

Aircraft will definitely have limited fuel. As for vehicles… I’m not sure limiting their fuel would be a good idea. It just adds a new unit (fuel truck) that you must bring with your forces everywhere. IMO limited ammunition only is enough (though of course we may reconsider that in the future, I don’t see any reason to however). Spring maps just arent THAT big.

I agree limiting fuel for aircraft is a good idea (supreme commander does it) but adding limited fuel to vehicles might cause aggravation.

As to map size apparently the spring engine can handle 64x64 but I think you need a completely different mod from maps of that size. One benefit a 64x64 has is that it can support entirely different units but I think even 64x64 maps can’t support aircraft carriers and battleships.

Biggest Spring maps atm are around 32 x 32-ish afaik. Most of the popular S:44 maps are 12 x 12 to 18 x 18 in size (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9)

Of course, that is without aircraft, heavy artillery and naval units being used :wink:

Another question (sorry I ask alot of them)
With this being a period accurate game what kind of transport’s are you using if any. I’m sure that throughout the war some form of APC was created for land use. Have you put in Air transports capable of transporting small groups elite infantry (planes of the time couldn’t of carried many men.)
The biggest thing I wish to know is have you implemented landing craft for infantry and tanks?

I would love to recreated D-day (who wouldn’t :wink: )

For infantry and guns there are unarmoured trucks buildable very early on, built by engineers.

Later on, infantry get halftracks.

Naval wise, for infantry there will be a small boat (6-10 men) built by engineers, then small landing craft (30ish men), and large landing craft (100+ men) from naval yard. For vehicles there will be a pontoon (1 or 2 vehicles) from engineers and landing craft (4 to 9, depend on nation and vehicle size) from naval yard.

No air transports planned as yet. We may make it so you can call in paratroopers and glider troops from off-map using your airfield, however. Rather than actually building the transport and loading it yourself.

The only “true” APC in the game is the British Kangaroo. Everyone else has lightly-armoured halftracks which can not survive the punishment that the Kangaroo can. The Kangaroo is a heavily-armoured (for the time), enclosed armoured personelle carrier.

I see so far if addressed balanced issues very well (USSR would be too powerful in reality:P ) how have you addressed weapons technology? (Germany was years of the others)
I’d like to see how you have balanced the German 88mm (anti tank/anti air piece)
because that thing rocked :smiley:

The 88mm gun will have the same problems it had IRL. Namely it’s a huge thing that cannot be moved around without a tractor (unlike dedicated AT guns), plus it costs a lot more than a PaK-40 (which has comparable anti-armor power vs most vehicles). The 88mm is likely to be a juicy target for mortar fire and snipers, so while it has a use on the front line, it’s really should not be there (it’s task is keeping enemy air away from your base, and killing occasional tank that gets trough your defence).
As for APCs, even our previous public release already had them. Though I’d rather also make tanks able to transport infantry - 4-5 soldiers can easily ride on a Tiger or T-34, while something like Churchill should be able to take even more (this has some problems however - transported units cannot be targetted, so the tanks will provide anti-smallarms protection for the transported inf, which they could not IRL).

Yeah I’m sorry if things I’m asking have been in betas but I was playing BA with some guy and he told me about 1944 so I thought I’d give it a go ( I love WWII rts ) but as I went to download it I can find it anywhere and I found it had been taken offline due to crash issues. sob sob :cry: :cry:

Anyway looks like you’re making a great mod NO game! With immense depth and strategy and I look forward to playing it.

Have you fixed the crashes?

There is some info that makes me think at least SOME of the crashes were due to engine bugs. Which means they will be gone in the next Spring release. As for the other problems, we are working on it (finding new and exciting ways to crash Spring in the process) :slight_smile:

So, how stable is the game now?
I heard its fine i 1v1 but 2v2 and above cause crashes.
Also what’s the best team/game size for 1944.
I like 2v2 and 3v3 anything above is too large (as well as network complications) and I’m not much of a free for all person.

We played a big 3 v 2 on Terra last night with no crashes whatsoever. :smiley:

And incredibly low lag. Awesommmme

It’s good to know that the game is in a more stable form. :smiley:
3v2 doesn’t sound to fair to me. :unamused:
OMG I forgot to ask one of the most important questions!!!
How does the tech system work?

p.s: I saw a screenshot of the landingcraft very nice :sunglasses:

It was 3 relatively newb players against 2 really good players. In the end it worked out okay, because if you consider that the 3 newbs have to split any mspots they get 3 ways while the two have only 2 ways. Heheh.

The tech system is simple and similar to most RTS games, though it differs from side to side.

You first, of course, have your barracks, which produce all of your infantry. Several barracks, namely US and German barracks, can also build infantry guns (M8 Pack Howitzer and leIG 18) for heavier infantry support.

Some sides, ie Soviets, have access to a towed weapon yard at this stage. Others need to build an engineer from the barracks to access it. Everyone else needs to build “Tier 1” engineers from the barracks in order to build Vehicle Yards.

Vehicle yards contain universal things such as transport trucks, halftrack APCs, supply trucks, etc. But then there’s differences. Germans get the Sdkfz 250, a relatively weak light scout vehicle armed with 20mm automatic cannon, and a Marder, a powerful but weakly armoured tank destroyer. US gets the M8 Greyhound, a fast armoured car with a fairly good gun, and the M8 Scott, a light tank with a support cannon on it. Brits get the Daimler, similar to the M8 Greyhound, and the Kangaroo, a heavily armoured APC. And Soviets get the T-60, light tankette with automatic 20mm gun, and SU-76, lightly-armoured assault gun.

Vehicle Yards also build Engineer Vehicles, which build the larger Tank Yards. And Tank Yards can be upgraded to give access to more tanks.