A note on suggestions/big gameplay ideas

Just a word for people who post suggestions:

By and large, the S44 team is a very creative bunch - we have WAY more ideas than we do time to implement them. So, as cool as your idea might be, there’s a very good chance we have:

    1. already considered it and decided against it
  • 2)already considered it and put it on the long-term plans or
    1. despite its coolness, we have no time for it given the other things we are already planning.

So, lesson one: if you decide to type out an idea, try to make sure its something really original; we’ve played lots of WWII games as well, saying that we should do something like CoH or Sudden Strike or whatever isn’t all that helpful; we have already looked at them for inspiration on various things.

A lot of people seem to have a sense that we (and more broadly, devs in general) are a bunch of people sitting around with these skills waiting for a cool idea to do something with. Generally, we’re the opposite - we had a bunch of cool ideas, and learned the skills so we could make them come alive. If you feel really strongly about a particular gameplay idea, there is nothing stopping you from making your own version/branch/fork of S44.

Which leads to lesson two:
[size=150]The absolute BEST way to get something included in S44 is to make it yourself and SHOW us with a mutator of S44 why your idea is so good.[/size]

Doing the above increases your chances from “maybe we’ll think about it at somepoint and briefly talk about it, if its something very original and cool we -may- someday perhaps think about implementing it” to “if its something original and cool, we may include it in the next release”