A new stable forum!

2 years ago, I promised to open a forum and to dev the website of s44. One year ago, I did a forum but close it due to a problem with my server and some problems I created in the community. The first feature you requested from me was to import everything from the old forum.Today, that’s it.

It was not possible with nodebb, at least not in a short time.

I hope this will be used, and if not, it can just stay here to show us the old stuff and posts we did.



Here we go!

Prolly we should consider adding it to future promos

Some problems happened this week when I were in hollydays and generate errors when you go on this page.

It was a conflict between 2 docker containers. Really sorry for this.

Some problems happened yesterday. Incident with docker container (network) and sidekick. Problems are fixed now.