50cal and similar damage vs light armor

I’ve noticed .50cal HMGs do very little damage against light armor. This can be tested easily: spawn a usm3halftrack unit, then spawn some BA-64 and halftracks for the enemy player. They take minutes to kill each other with their weapons. They do like ~15 damage per burst to each other, while they have ~1.5k HP.

This is because those machineguns do not use armor penetration system, but a special hardcoded path in game_armor.lua which just uses damages against armor groups. Is there any special reason they are set like that?

IMO they should be switched to be regular AP weapons, because otherwise anti-armor capability of those guns is really non-existant. 6mm armor as seen on halftracks and BA-64 should be very vulnerable to .50 cal, as of now, it is not and the only relatively light weapon dangerous to them (except AT inf) is the PTRD.

Antipersonnel power of .50 cal is also low btw - in my experience, DT from a BA-64 does more damage to inf than an M2 from a halftrack. Maybe M2 is better at suppression, on this I’m not sure.