3vs2 game , conquest of paradise (preMv190)

So , i planned 2 backstabb them (with boats) . Will it work ?

Disabling ships on most maps seems in order.

Why, neddie? Please provide more specific criticism so I can sort out what needs to change with the boats.

There r some maps without water xD.
And that tactik was already used with rafts + partisans (even more nasty).

Yes, few things feel as good as landing a boat full of AT inf in the back of someone’s base on Conquest.

(and the most infuriating part for the enemy is that is was very easy to prevent by putting some inf on that shore. Repelling ships isn’t hard there either - a few AT guns should keep them away, the water is narrow enough that it’s not possible to pass out of their range)

I just don’t think that you should be able to drop amphibious units and ships in every damn pond. Those ships undeniably ruined that otherwise interesting game - and defense against them would require first superior surveillance and the investment of otherwise needed command/micro along the back of the map. This method of play entirely ruined what I consider an otherwise excellent map - teams have differing access to water units, sides have differing access to amphibious tanks, and not all regions are evenly matched in sea use - the map was not intended for this sort of play.

Just 1 infantry near the top and the bottom is enough to spot all incoming ships. You just have to remember to look there.

Of course, but one infantry alone will not deal with a ship.

1 infantryman can be enough to nade a infantry transport or such. If the enemy spent resources on both a shipyard, attack boats and infantry transports he will either get behind or already be ahead. Most boats can’t shoot up onto the plateaus aswell.
But I maybe i should watch the game and base my opinion on how the game looks.

I watched the game and the only succesful attack that was done with boats/amphibious units was the first one were 2 which killed 4 supplies and someother stuff.
Wladek had 2 idle tankyards and some Panzer3s around. He even had a scout plane right over the amphibous tanks and 1 of his panzer3 would have been enough to kill the amph tanks. So he just didn’t react well. Overall JAL spent like 30000-40000 command on amphibous tanks which did not pay for their cost at all.

JALs US landing support ship did kill 3 supplies that sent Wladek supply stalling but before that he had several Katys and T-34-85s that easily could have killed the Ship. He got the ship down to a third of its health with just 1 barrage from a katy but never fired against the ship again.

When alot of infantry, vehicles, 5 panzer4 wrecks Mycrofts base he say:
I’m sorry, but because of those ships I’m just not going to consider this a game at all.
What a crybaby.

To be fair, we didn’t really advertise the inclusion of ships and I would probably have been equally annoyed by their use on a land map.