3v3 incredible back and forth game! .07 build

see how many of you wanna see this amazing game.

*has good use of air planes for scouting
*has good use of tanks and machineguns supporting each other
*has rage quitting on both teams.
*plenty of heavy tank use, and medium tank use.

  • self propelled at guns in use as well.

very fun!!! watch it

you need operation lyuban from this sites download section and you need to join #S44 on spring client and grab version .07 build to watch.

Pretty freakin’ sweet. Massive tank battles, epic paradrops, ISU-152s blowing the crap out of everything, Tiger IIs (ultimately being rather ineffective…)

Yeah, good game.

oh sure ignore jagpanthers as if they didnt exist.

I thought you guys were screwed after Steve got rolled. Amazing game. Really shows the advantage of range and LoS.