3 vs Godde

Players: JAL,PPsh,Amarlik vs Godde
Map: 1944_Prokhorovka
Game version: Test-2722
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating (out of 5): ***
Comments: We were going to lose, until Aliens interfered and shared their heavy tanks to us…

Players: JAL,PPsh vs Godde
Map: 1944_Prokhorovka_tactics_v2
Game version: SVN deployment mode. spring1944.svn.sourceforge.net/ … oyment.sdd
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating (out of 5): ***
Comments: Godde seems to do no wonders in 2 vs 1 in spiked’s deployment mode. (but he does if he takes russians)

Probably because Tactics mode removes 1/2 the game (economy/base building) thus removing half of Godde’s power… bwahaha.

Also, PPsh, stop cheating in games without players’ permissions or I’ll ban you from #s44 forever.

We where not about 2 lose, i didnt need that damn ktiger, u destroyed my win . :cry:
We won vs Godde (2vs1) a lot of times , i remember 2x with PPsh, but i am not sure anymore if it was fair, but i won with other players too, one day i will even a 1vs1 against Godde. :laughing:

I believe in you! :smiley:

Yes, JAL, in deployment mode we can do even with godde.

I won in nearly 1V1 vs godde (spiked, my allied, just sent a AA vehicle). hehe :slight_smile: the KV-1 was still not balanced.