3 Cool games with Journier, first a fun 2v2 ,1v1, 1v1

sorta fun 2v2 with me and Flakes vs comm sharing nemo with Overkill + Goldsie.
[attachment=2]20081231_221725_Road_To_Rome_V3_0.77b5 (spring_0.77b5-R6842).sdf[/attachment]

fun game with Flakes 1v1
[attachment=1]20090101_012815_Prokhorovka_1944_0.77b5 (spring_0.77b5-R6842).sdf[/attachment]

another sorta fun one with Flakes 1v1, I can easily reccomend noone play on this map ever again with a 1v1 and expect to have much fun, the map is all bumpy and screws up tank guns, tanks, everything aims forever etc, screws it all up. cool map but needs to me much more flat, and not bumpy. units too small in s44 for it.
[attachment=0]20090101_180838_HamburgerHill_0.77b5 (spring_0.77b5-R6842).sdf[/attachment]