2796: BUG: German snipers won't shoot.

Saw it two times in the game. No sniper of either team took a shot. They just raise their gun, turn, raise their gun, turn… so on. Not a single shot given by german snipers in the whole (even short) game…

Animation is bugged, but they appear to be shooting fine in testing.

Can’t confirm this. There was no visible shot taken. There was a situation, where a sniper “aimed” for 2 minutes on a mg. No other fighting around that area. 2 min without any shot (sniper won’t shoot, mg won’t see sniper). The sniper didn’t made any damage to the mg soldier. What should be the firingrate of the sniper? Like a normal long range soldier?

Possible there was terrain in the way or something. Not sure sniper rounds have visible tracers off the top of my head. Firing rate is slower than rifle but not so slow you’d never see them fire.

No tracers that’s right. It’s invisible shot.
I’ll have a look.

Here’s a pic of them working, in test-2796, as you see they get XP because they shot some guys.

Now, let me tell you, some times they do get stuck, and don’t pull off a shot because they can’t target properly… This issue seems to get fixed when I put them on hold position, and I make them stop their current actions, then they re-target, and work.

I hope you can find out more about this.

But as for now… they are working just as normally as always… for me at least.

All right, just tested it in singleplayer again. The animation is bugged, but the sniper was firing. And he got visible fire. So just the animation should be fixed.