2794: P-Boats can't unload to a coastline from right side

Hey all.

I was playing the map Coasts.smf and noticed, that whenever you unload units from a ponton-boat it tries to move to an upperleft position of the unloadingzone. That works quite well, if you are approaching from the left, or from the top. But if you try to unload units aproaching the coast from the right side your pontonboat allways try to move on the landside and just get stucked. Even if it unloads it dropped my truck into the water, where it is immobile. I can load it again. But every try to unload it will end in the deep water, or with a ponton try to move on the land.

Suggestion: The boat won’t approach the top-left position of its unloading zone, it should try to move to the nearest point on the zone-circle between the actual position and unload position.