2 haltracks were killed by infantry

I watched the replay and noticed that only 2 of the 11 sdkz250/9 that died, were destroyed by infantry.
The other 9 were killed by ZiS3 and tank destroyers.

Thoose that were destroyed by infantry died in the last minutes of the game.

He abused russ stealth units 2 kill my los, in my last stand 3x skfz 250/9 and 2x arty got pwned by a bunch of infantry , wich sucks.

Gbr infantry owned my poor Halftrack(USvsGbr). It was vs med. craig , i beat it with germany before. (ger vs ger)
AT-Gun got pinned easy with bren, using it as shield for my mg nests would be nice , but both died damn fast.