1v1 on Green Comet Basic (Jounier vs Nemo) - PreM v091

Some quotes:
[W]Evil4Zerggin: “This is like early Barbarossa.”

<[BB]Journier> i fucking got owned nemo
<[BB]Journier> that was awesome
<[BB]Journier> i figured it was done at the 6 minute mark

<[S44]Nemo> DIEEE

So this was a pretty fun game. EPIC tank domination, massive red army hordes, and random bits of cleverness - strong supply work by Journ. Also: how to maek many many dudes, the tutorial, by Nemo.

Also, goddamn Panzer IVs :frowning:

Other good stuff:
This game shows prisoners working pretty well! However, I need to work so its more feasible to free them. Hum.

This also includes infantry flanking damage; infantry take a lot more damage when getting hit from very different angles.

“[BB]Journier: Dude I feel like Hitler, im getting owned after being successful at the start of the war!”
“[BB]Journier:this is bullshit Russia is so OP” as Nemo overruns my emplaced MG’s with human waves.

this game was insanely fun. watch it and learn.