159premorgenrotedva spring0.88 1vs1

spring: 0.88 single-threaded
mod: S44v159_PreMorgenroteDVA.sdz
map: Nuclear_Winter_1944

players: JAL (GBR) <> zCram (GER)

players: zCram (GBR) <> Buumi (GER)
Nemo: In this game I pointed out the occurrences of (pathing?) vehicles/tanks getting stuck on one another both on the field and when coming out from a fac. Please excuse my strong language ingame.

Despite the “bugs”, I think s44 is doing very well. I like many of the changes that have happened since I last played (in december). Greetings to all of the devs!

Thanks for the demos, zCram!

Stukas are exhibiting -really- weird movement behavior (insanely long overflights), need to check that out.

He did complain about that after the game. I didn’t pay any actual attention, massed AA and left it at that. He had expected them to be far more effective.

Players: zCram (US) <> Buumi (GER)
Map: 1944_Moro_River_v1
Finally he crushed me. Didn’t know what hit me, it was over that fast. My inability to work three fronts at the same time.


Bugs: After I resigned, the game didn’t stop. Then he resigned, and that didn’t stop the game. It finally stopped when he quit. Statistics didn’t show correctly, missing his and spectators’ data. This is to do with the engine, not s44, but I’d like to know why it has come to be like this. It is very annoying that resigning and statistics aren’t working correctly.

Players: zCram (RUS) <> [Fx]Raghna (RUS)
Map: 1944_Cooper_Hill
Very interesting game, a must watch for every replay savvy person. Didn’t believe what I saw in the replay myself.


Players: zCram (RUS) <> [Fx]Raghna (GER)
Map: 1944_Kiev_v4
It’s massive 1v1 on kiev again, and it’s a mess. All types of service (except ships) are used, and nobody really knew who would win until the very end. Mutual base ravaging with tanks.