152mm HE shoot more efficient than AP shoots vs tanks

In that short replay, I show you that ISU 152 HE shoot has more effect in a konigtiger front armor than AP shoot.

But, in game the ISU 152 will use the AP by default vs tanks. It would be cool if it uses HE instead. I imagine an option for the tanks like “shoot only with HE” that player can set on ON.

This is not an unreal feature, HE rounds of 152 have realy been used vs tanks.

There’s too much micro already.

Rather its AP round maxrange should be reduced to the point it beats the HE. All AP rounds use range to determine their maximum damage dealt against their target, while HE rounds always do the same amount of damage/penetration regardless of range because they rely on the explosion of their shell and not kinetic energy. There should be a distance at which the AP shell will actually do more damage than the HE shell. So the crew inside would be like ‘Shit, that tanks so far away our shot won’t do much against it, lets shoot HE at it, that’ll be better’

And there you have it, no fucking more buttons needed, the unit will use whatever does most damage automatically depending on range.

Isn’t there supposed to be such a system implemented already?
Upgunned sherman will use HE against a KT2 at max range even thought the HE only does 4 damage. The Armor piercing shell should do more damage.

The system is propably broken.
Do the system take the different armor sides into account for example?
The system is propably older than that.

Any tank will only shoot HE at a target if said target is not actually in LOS when it fires.

I did not know that.
In my testing I had LoS on the KT2 when the upgunned sherman fired at the KT2 with HE shells.

Just as a historical note, in general the ISU-152’s AP rounds were pretty inaccurate and not much better against armor than the HE shells. The HE round weighed about 44 kg, 6 of which was TNT. That was sufficient to blast the turret right off a Tiger and kill the entire crew in case of a direct hit.

Yes, but with the v200 patch, HE shoots are now eneffective vs tanks. Even the 152 does nothing with this version. Nemo said “HE ammo SHOULD NOT be used vs tanks”. I imagine nemo prefers this because it simplify lot of things to make the game.

To clarify: HE ammo should only be used against tanks when that unit does not have AP shells. And so to this end I’ve probably nerfed explosives vs armor a little too much. Still, I’d rather slightly hardier tanks, since it lends to less stalemate.