1.53 (ie, short US rifle range) games

Players:Nemo vs Tot
Map:Eye of Horus
Game version:1.53 RC1 (click here to grab)
Engine version:
Awesome rating (out of 5): ****
Comments: We played two games of US vs Germany, swapping sides after the first one. The big change in this build is the massively reduced US rifle range, and improved BAR. Tot and I felt pretty good about it - neither of us felt excessively hampered when playing as US. Both games were solid infantry action, while the second match features a fair few vehs as well.

Note how flanking = win, and using terrain to try to minimize engagement distance when using US troops (<3 that little crater in the center of the map).

It didn’t come up in the two games above but after testing a little bit more I’m somewhat concerned about the fact that other factions’ riflemen can now kite US riflemen quite easily. This is micro intensive, of course, but it can have big pay offs if you kite them into an ambush.

Also, US riflemen are now more susceptible to being rushed down by SMGs since they (the SMGs) can get a lot closer before the rifles can shoot to slow them down.

Furthermore, US riflemen should now have more trouble handling deployed AA guns which would affect the match-up against RUS.

Finally, the improved BARs seem to pin and kill faster than a deployed .30 cal which is kinda weird (weird as in counter-intuitive and perhaps unrealistic). The improved BARs also boost the assault platoon which includes two of them, keep that in mind.

I’m not saying the changes need to be reverted, I’m just stating some aspects which I think should be considered further. As always I defer to the devs and more experienced players regarding the final decision.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t -that- haphazard :stuck_out_tongue:

I know this makes kiting more possible, but there are tools that let a US player punish kiting moves - like .30 cals or BARs. While they don’t have those tools in the early game, they also will flat out have more infantry in the early game (barring a really successful MG42 trap) - the difference in HQ squad production rate/cost is pretty substantial.

What I’m hoping for with this change is to move away from US players somewhat blithely throwing infantry at problems, secure in the knowledge that they have so many guys with such good DPS that as long as there’s no MG in the mix, they can just rambo forwards and kill everything. The short range means that they need to figure out how to use terrain to keep the distances short - or use suppression/smoke/flanking to close the gap without taking huge damage.

The DPS is actually high enough that 1v1 HQ squads, the US squad still pretty much wins, even rushing over flat ground. It’s only when there are 2v2 or 3v3 when that range difference starts to hurt really badly (when the difference was much smaller, it only emerged in engagements of like 5v5 or larger, talking in numbers of HQ squads).

BAR’s power somewhat depends on how we interpret its role in the game. If we say that it should be laying suppressive fire like a light MG with a small clip, then yeah, it should kill at the same rate as a bren or .30 cal. If we’re looking at it as kind of a precursor to assault rifles, then the more accurate (more deadly) fire makes sense. There’s data to support either take on the weapon. Personally (and to appease FLOZi, who hates it when I lump the bren and the BAR together <_<) I think looking at it as an early assault rifle - style tool works well, and helps distinguish them slightly from the Brens (which have more spread and more rounds, and thus suppress a wider area more effectively).

Anywho. Yes, we should play some ussr vs us and gbr vs us games to see how this has affected the other matchups. I’ll be pretty surprised if it reduces the US too much; Against the brits they still have a decisive numbers advantage, and while the soviet AA guns are a little more troubling now, I’d imagine that 2 guys could still lay it low if they approach from different angles (only need one shot to hit it and pin to kill in safety).

Players:Woky vs Blackdurchie vs JAL
Game version:1.53 RC2
Engine version:
Awesome rating (out of 5): ****

Nice FFA with all kind of stuff. One went tanks other went boats and another focused on air.

At least some are having fun :frowning:

Players: woky vs Godde
Map: 1944_Titan
Game version:1.53 RC3
Engine version:
Awesome rating (out of 5): ****

Good game.