1.01 installer bugs

A major bug: springlobby.exe is missing from the installer. Although the shortcut is created, exe is not there and so it doesn’t work (this installer)
Examination of the installer (using a tool able to browse NSIS-made binaries) shows the exe is not there as well.

A minor bug: ‘Show readme’ checkbox at the final page does nothing, no readme is displayed.

Isn’t it usually downloaded from springlobby.info at install time?

It wasn’t downloaded for me.
The process went like this: I made some posts about S’44 on a Russian forum. Some people decided to download it and have a look. Then they complained they can’t get into multiplayer and asked for help. So I downloaded the installer myself (I had not done that before because I already had spring, maps etc.) and tried to install it on a clean PC (ie no previous spring there). There were no prompts to download anything at install time and no error messages about not being able to dl anything (checkbox ‘Show readme’ at the final page does nothing btw). Then there was a shortcut to springlobby, but no springlobby.exe itself. When I manually got exe from springlobby.info, it worked, but there was no indication I had to get it separately.
So now I compiled sort of a step-by-step install manual for those Russian players and now I’m waiting for them to try it and report if it works now or not.