I have too much fun with this.


Can’t leave the allies out entirely.


Had 2 use old version


Hey tiger… would you be as kind as to add some info on the US GMC Wolverine on the wiki? I added pics already, but I’m afraid you can do a better job with the description XD.

instalink: … :wolverine

By the way guys, I already updated the pics of the tanks to the new models :smiley:, which by the way look AWESOME, very nice work on those models.


Yeah, that’s why I’ve mostly been taking screens of the German and Soviet units - at present the US and British ones are being caught up to their level.

I just had to go update the M10 article - funny, the “Wolverine” name was what the British gave their Lend-Lease examples (except for the 17-pounder Achilles variant, of course). The US usually adopted the British names (as with the Stuart, Grant, Lee, Sherman, and Chaffee tanks and the Priest SP gun), but not with the M10. Likewise, the M36 wasn’t called the Jackson by US units.


Even better Fw 190F shot:


Yeah, I did find that un-used “wolverine” name as quite a funny fact…

That bomber pic looks awesome btw… Would you like me to add pics for GER aircraft?

Thanks for filling the unit description, it looks great too.
I hope it wasn’t too much to ask.


I’d like to see the ones I put up here or at least “action shots” like them on the articles - I just haven’t done it because when I tried putting the Tiger II ones up they were oversized, like the early ones I posted here.


I added some info to the US and GBR articles on historical unit compositions - for example, a typical US tank company in late 1944 would have three platoons of five Shermans plus a 3-tank command section, with one platoon being composed of 76 mm tanks and the other two and command section each having one. The command section would also sometimes include one howitzer-armed Sherman.

Just in case any players like me are OCD and want their forces to have a somewhat accurate mix of armor.


Why not have the build menu produce an accurate platoon or squadron of tanks, as it does with platoons of men?

btw. Please can we have a beginners guide to S’44. I’m getting there, but it took me ages to work out that I need scouts hidden about the place to allow my troops to fire before they got caned.


IIRC, the “platoons” (which are really squads; a platoon would be 30-45 troops) are not historically accurate in size; their composition is more for gameplay mechanics. Overall I think it would be better to stick with vehicles being produced one at a pop, both for gameplay balance and because OOBs were often just paper formations. Detachments of small, sometimes irregular subunits were common.

The Germans in particular by 1944 had a patchwork army; panzer units often went into battle understrength from breakdowns or equipment shortages (there are three different established “authorized” panzer company unit structures from that period) and often had substitute equipment. It was not uncommon to find them using tank destroyers, assault guns, or captured tanks - some German units operated T-34-76s right up until the end of the war.

Basically, I just posted that info for curiosity. I expect most players would sooner just crank out as much of whatever they need/want; in SP games I build formations for an extra intellectual exercise.


Another ship


Hey there guys, I would like to request some help filling my favorite faction’s guide (US), I’ve already added at least 1 pic for like 70 percent of the total units, but I’m really lame when it comes to describing the units…

Though that raises another matter… The basic standard for each unit’s description is to put a historic stub, and then the in game stub? Or just the historic stub?

And another question… Naval… Should I take the time to take pics of it and post them to the guide? Or should I wait for textures?

Again, I’d really appreciate any of you and your passion for history to come in my aid here… “Why not try it yourself?” You’ll say perhaps… Well simply put, I won’t copy wiki as I don’t like doing so, and I’m terribly slow at gathering and writing back the information… I WILL do it, but I’ll take very long, and it might be just so long I might lose focus and leave it…


I’d just put the game stub more or less, and a link to the wikipedia article.

Frankly, website and all its appendages are looking worse for wear these days.


Bump! New wiki. New awesome. I’ve put in a fair bit of work smoothing things out after the transfer, but obviously it isn’t all in place yet. Lots of our historical stubs do run long, but I honestly don’t mind having a little (emphasis, little) blurb of our own creation (lets us link to other units in the game to illustrate peers/interactions).

Don’t mind the fact that most of the photos are gone - they haven’t vanished for good, just need moving around.


Great I love mediawiki, now I could write articles, too.
I like the modding section, I hope this will extend in future!


Ha ha ha, loving the definitions for the pics XD, very concise!