Would you prefer actual photos or in-game screenshots?


In game screens are best, generally. When I have a few moments I’ll try to go through and add some to various other articles, but the more the merrier.


I have some decent screenshots of King Tigers and Panthers in combat; I’ll have to get some more of other units the next time I play.


thats true Daimlers prototyps were direct copies of them. with the turrent on the front and stuff. But they didnt used this design because they used the 75mm (kwk40 or how ever they called it idk…) long barrel. So thats why they placed the turrent in the center of the tank. imagine a T34 with the panthers gun. Anyways the Panther was the answere on the T-34 on the battlefield, but they didnt used the copy cuz germans prefer firepower too. So they must have another design which can handle the big gun.


Some more “action shots” for the British tanks:


Churchill and Cromwell Mk. VI images.


Some tips for taking screens, Tiger88: you can press F5 to disable the GUI, and F9 to disable healthbars. Furthermore, press F11 to see a list of active widgets - the Rank Widget draws those rank insignia over the tanks. You don’t have to disable these things, of course, but it does lend to a cleaner view of the screenshot’d unit.

Keep up the great work!


Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. Going to have to get back to the grindstone though, so I’ll have to let some other folks contribute for now.

Removing the ranks would make it a lot cleaner, but on some occasions it is fun to show how much carnage a unit has racked up. That one Tiger II had an experience score of over 5, which is pretty frightening.


Tiger, thanks for filling stuff into United States Aircraft.
If you could fill all of the United states units section, I would be very grateful :smiley: Checking on the wiki and reading unit descriptions helps ease the fact I can’t play yet…

Though, why don’t you put screenies? Don’t be shy, I’m sure that if we dislike them we will burn them A.S.A.P. no worries XD


Got kind of tied up and wasn’t playing S1944 for a bit. Now that I’ve been playing around with the pre-release I may go back and put some up, or someone could beat me to it. The wiki is kind of fun for me to mess with because I’m less about the competitive gameplay than a lot of the board members - I’m an amateur history nut, so I’m mostly stoked about being able to take some classic engines of destruction for a spin.

I generally try to follow an accurate TO&E when organizing my forces (possible sign of partial OCD); for instance as the Germans I deploy tanks and TDs in historical platoon/company/battalion-sized units and as the Brits I usually split my medium armor 50/50 between Cromwells and Fireflies, even though I consider the Cromwell to be the lousiest medium tank in the game.


Tried uploading some screenies to the Tiger II article, but I need to resize them - current ones are full-screen 1280X800 captures. Took some good ones of some German units last time I played, had a little too much fun with some of the King Tiger and Fw 190G ones.


Hahaha! That’s the spirit!


Some cleaner screenshots of the Tiger II:


Panther pics:


Puma, Jagdpanther and Panzer III:


Bf 109K and Fw 190A:


Fw 190F:


Ju 87G and Fi-156:




Nice screenshoots!