[UnitList] Republic of Finland


Structure Tech Tree

Tank Trap AP Mines Improvised Outpost Supply Stockpile Supply Distribution Dugout Field Barracks Dugout Field Armory Field Heavy Armory Artillery Emplacement AT Mines Field Radio Station Dockyard

Mobile Unit Mapping

Field Barracks Engineer Rifle Platoon Assault Platoon Machine Gun Squad Sniper Squad Mortar Squad Light Anti-Tank Squad Heavy Anti-Tank Squad LelG Support Gun Field Armory Citroen P45 Truck BA-20 Light Armoured Car BA-10 Heavy Armoured Car T-26 Light Infantry Tank T-38 Light Amphibious Tank Flak 30/38 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun M37/38 Light Anti-Tank Gun Field Heavy Armory Citroen P45 Truck T-20 Komsomolets Tractor StuG III Assault Gun BT-42 Assault Gun M-30 M1938 Artillery PaK 40 Anti-Tank Gun Mk. III Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun Field Radio Station Recon Sortie Interceptor Sortie Light Bomber Sortie Attack Sortie Dockyard


I did some more research into Finnish navy. Data from here (translated from Russian).

At first, Finns got 6 gunboats, 10 destroyers and 18 minesweepers (incl. 2 240-ton ones, which would be large by that time’s standards). Those ships were leftovers after the Red Baltic fleet departed for Petrograd (pre-WW1 Finland had one of the Russian Empire naval bases, as well as a naval yard), most were either badly damaged or not completed (and so could not be taken to Russia).

Then in 1920, by the Treaty of Derpt, 7 destroyers were transferred back to Russia. I presume those were the better-preserved ones.

During 1920s, no noticeable military shipbuilding took place.

In 1927, first shipbuilding program was accepted, which required the construction of:

  • 2 coastal defence ships;
  • 3 500-ton submarines;
  • 1 100-ton submarine;
  • 4 15-ton torpedo boats;
  • 1 sail training ship.

Up to 1939 no further construction was planned, despite foreign advisors telling the government that they needed much more naval units. Situation was so bad that at the start of WW2 both Finnish monitors (powerful and modern on their own) had no proper escort ships. As a result, Finns relied heavily upon Kriegsmarine support in their naval operations.

Units active during WW2 (incl. newly built, captured or remade from civilian craft):
Torpedo boats
Patrol boats
Patrol ships
Ice breakers (yes, those were armed!)

Take note that there are NO destroyers of any kind listed. Oops. Tough luck facing any of the great powers on the High Seas.

Separetely from the above, Ladoga Lake Finnish flotilla (as of 1943-1944):
2 x Siebel Fahre (ex-German) - 2x102mm, 2x20mm guns (never seen a pic of that vessel in this config)
4 x AFP (ex-German) (maybe MFP, but armament listed includes 2x88mm, 1x37mm and 1x20mm which corresponds to AFP quite well)
4 x VMV patrol boat (ex-German), 57mm and 20mm gun on each
3 x torpedo boats converted to minelayers (torpedoes removed, 1x20mm gun and 3 mines fitted)

Onega lake flotilla:
3 x armed steamers (2-3 75mm guns on each, plus some AA guns)
1 captured BKA-1125
10 motor boats, details unclear

Some more info is in the Wikipedia.

In general, there seems to be no easy way to find good drawings for most of those. So, we can use German and Soviet units as much as possible, and maybe we should ask some Finns in the lobby for more info - they may have better ideas as to where to find it.


I’m still digging for pictures and schematics but they are, understandably, difficult to find. What happened to the three destroyers left over after the treaty transfer?


One was lost in an accident during a storm (with most of its crew as well). Two others were probably put out of use after that, too dangerous to operate.


So, I recently updated several posts above. I decided to make the Heavy Field Armory a separate structure rather than an upgrade, in light of the large build list which would result from the combination. It will still depend on the Field Armory, simply now as a prerequisite. All Finnish structures will be created or captured by Finnish engineers at this point - I am considering moving the Heavy Field Armory and the Aircraft Radio Station to the T-20, however.

Balance and the capturing mechanic are next on my list, I hope to have an alpha balance model in the branch - not including the dispersed cloaking gadget - by the end of April, hopefully sooner. In terms of art work, I will work on Finnish structure/civilian feature concepts and the needed Finnish icons until my desktop has been moved, whereupon I will continue with textures as UV mapped models arrive. Spiked has once again raised the bar with his revision of my StuG III texture, which will be committed when he sends me or FLOZi a usable version of the image (i.e. 256x256). Textures may be slow to appear so when I have the full land model set I will just drop those in untextured or using 3do for those who wish to check out the side prematurely.

I believe FLOZi is putting the remaining infantry weapon models together. FLOZi, Silver and… perhaps somebody else are UV mapping various models - I have Silver’s BA-10 which is acceptable, though like some of the earlier Italy model UVs, I have to note that the UV usage should reflect the size and relative detail of an element on the model. SFX for the various units, as well as graphical FX should be imported from the main branch at some point - voices for Finland will have to wait until I create a full period script, at which point I will shop it around to various Finns.


There may have been only six, but I was wondering if anybody else thought it might be nice to add the Landsverk Anti-II (FI160) - otherwise known as Luftvärnskanonvagn L-62 Anti II (Swedish) - to Finland as mobile anti-air?


Find some more info on that, I’m not very knowledgeable on Swedish armored cars. Esp. some drawings would be nice.


It’s probably one of the best self propelled AA tanks of the war


Sadly that tells us little more… I am looking for schematics or at least pictures. In the mean time, make a mini-Sherman for your children!


This is the wikipedia entry: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luftv%C3%A … 62_Anti_II

The Nimrod 40M, which is derived from it, has an article here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/40M_Nimrod

This might have the information we desire…

Published by the Finnish War Museum: 1/2005, 260 pages
Authors: Raimo Vehviläinen, Ahti Lappi, Markku Palokangas

But as of yet I have been unable to find a copy.


I found images of various Swedish armaments, though the utility of these is quite limited, it may be of interest.

(Nothing better than a defunct incomplete enthusiast site: haaland.info/index.html)


Some photos of TM-1-180 railroad guns in Finnish service. Finns captured a number of those after Soviet forces evacuated from Hanko naval base, and in other places. They had about 5 operational pieces of that type.

Finns apparently were too busy to repaint units, so they retain Soviet markings (and engine’s name).


I’ve been working on this behind the scenes and not really making a lot of progress. I’m scratching around on a few textures, but realistically, the art assets aren’t going to be there any time soon if I’m the only skinner.

EDIT: The lack of work on the game in general doesn’t help my motivation. Does anybody else want to even see this side in game? I know Yuri probably does.


A set of photos taken at Parola tank museum, Finland. Some of the units seem to retain their WW2 paint (because judging by their state no one bothered to repaint them since).


As we’ve discussed in the past, Finland depends on a specific piece of lua which has yet to be written, I dub it the…

Diffuse Ambush Gadget

This gadget would allow Finnish infantry to cloak when stationary, provided they are not grouped too closely. I figure the gadget could function one of two ways…

  1. Quadrant
    The map is divided into squares on load, corresponding directly to map unit size. Every update the gadget checks the number of Finnish and allied infantry in a quadrant, if this is below an arbitrary value, all stationary Finnish infantry which are not physically touching another unit cloak with an arbitrary decloak distance.

  2. Infantry-Position
    Every update the gadget checks the coordinates of each Finnish and allied infantrymen. Stationary Finnish infantry which are an arbitrary distance away from all non-mine units cloak with an arbitrary decloak distance.