[UnitList] Kingdom of Italy


If you think my models might be of interest to someone other, go ahead and upload them to modelbase. That surely will be non-ZK stuff… :slight_smile:


Just to mark it red I was a bit inactive but I remember that I did

  • Italy inf-model (modified German model)
  • Italy weapons
  • Italy buildings (I remeber that yuri already added them to the branches)

I think I created threads for the italy inf-model and buildings except the weapons they are here on this thread first page :slight_smile:


I finally found something which can be used as Italian engineering truck.

Link to page with photos showing no less than 2 different engineering trucks equipped with cranes!

I’ll model one of those.


I prefer this one: api.ning.com/files/ZJvM9l6aSKlS9 … oniale.jpg


Something like that: