[UnitList] Kingdom of Italy


I found a good site, posting it here so that I won’t lose it. It’s full of Italian ship photos and even some drawings, incl. detailed ones for the guns! The text is in Italian of which I don’t understand much, but it isn’t hard to figure out what is what.
This is the page
That’s another good one - it has lots of 3D renders of Italian destroyers. While they don’t offer the models themselves (or at least I wasn’t able to figure out if they do), the pics can serve as good references - small details are much easier to spot on renders than on 60+ years old photos.


I found a set of references for the Orsa class escort destroyer, so I put it into the list instead of Ariete (which was mainly used by Germans/RSI anyway). Low production numbers of Orsa (4) are not important as mostly the same design (with minimal changes) was used in Ciclone class which was sufficiently numerous (Orsa still looks better, you’ll see what I mean when it’s done - most beautyful ship to date imo).


I’m putting this to the unit list as a light vehicle. Both L3 and L6 are WAY obsolete to be of any use in 1944, while AS42 was first used in the winter of 1942/1943 and so fits the timeline much better.
Not sure which weapons loadout to use - it could have 8mm MG and one of the following: 13.2mm MG, 20mm anti-tank rifle, 20mm AA gun and even 47mm AT gun. Probably a 8mm and 20mm AA gun, and then it doubles as a mobile AA.


A collection of Italian infantry weapon pics: link.
Description of Italian infantry battalion structure: link.


The infantry weapons in a 3ds File. Any problems with the weapons? Let me know!


You know, the average infantry of Italy appear to be some of the toughest and most skilled from what I’ve read… though I guess it is hard in a world where there are essentially a very few nations who field poorly equipped & trained infantry (China), a small selection of nations where their infantry is either poorly equipped or poorly trained (Russia), and basically everybody else fields well-trained and well-equipped men, distinguishable from one another by diminishing if not outright illusory grades of badassery (France to US to Germany/Italy/Canada to England to Colonials to Finland).


From what I’ve read regular Italian infantry was not that good (and some of their equipment was outright poor, machineguns and 45mm mortars especially), but their ‘elite’ troops (Bersaglieri) were much better. Rommel said something like that: German soldier impressed the world, but Bersaglieri impress even the German soldier.
Also, British sources say Italian field artillery was fighting hard and often only ceased shooting when the crews were lying dead near their guns.


The italy infantry was a horror, or in my eyes they were totaly useless.
However they had a good navy. But they had some good parts too (Bersaglieri).
The only thing which is well organized in Italy is the Mafia and “good” … …but ähm thats all


Simply speaking, I think it was the equipment and political leadership, rather than the men, who are to blame for the poor performance of the Italians, even after you subvert the opinions of the victors, written so blithely into history as they always are.


What about the Italy buildings? Do they were different from the others?


Visually, only.


ähm as modeler, that was what i meant -.- :unamused:


I somehow doubt that they actually fielded the Mod 91 as a Sniper Rifle. Are you sure they didn’t provide something closer to decent?


You’d have to ask JFK about the effectiveness of the M91 as a sniper rifle…


Point, and if you had a custom barrel it wouldn’t have the issues that the normal issue rifles had.


Hey, neddie i heared you skin the italy weapons :smiley:D
I hope to see a render :slight_smile:


No, I’m just doing vehicles right now.


JFK would tell you it was an easy shot at that range, coulda done it with just about any rifle with iron sights. Oswald even used optics.

eta- the shot was 160-260 feet ranging from first shot to last. 50 yds to 80 yds with a slow moving target.

its not like he pulled a 600 foot headshot or anything.


(bringing the mod back to life)

With inf models from other factions as placeholders, Italy is now (somewhat) playable. Nearly all inf and vehicles are in place, I’m working on artillery, aircraft will have to wait a bit.

New feature: units carrying 47/32 AT gun (the AT gun itself and Semovente da 47/32, but NOT M15/42 tank) will have AP and Effetto Pronto (HEAT) ammunition. AP has longer range, EP has better penetration and damage. So you can snipe halftracks and such from afar and still do some damage to medium tanks if they get too close.

I consider doing the same to 75mm Semovente, so it would have 3 ammunition types for the gun, of which 2 (AP and HE) would be usable at max range and 1 (EP) will be for close-range anti-armor work. It’s not intended for tank destroyer role and so should not have powerful HEAT round at max range (use Semovente da 90 for tank sniping).

Semovente da 90 had its ammo storage reduced - this vehicle only carried 6 rounds IRL. It’s powerful as is and ammo suppliers aren’t hard to find anyway.

Maybe Semovente da 90 should get HE ammunition as well - it was used as field artillery and even for indirect fire… Not sure on that yet.


Well, if you’re working on it, so will I. I can reskin the current infantry model placeholders while we wait on replacement models which incorporate the Italian weapons.

I was wondering, Licho is considering removing non-ZK support for Modelbase because nobody uses it, but it might be helpful for us to upload some of your older or unused models to Modelbase so they can be used and we can keep Modelbase open…

I agree with permitting the different forms of ammunition for all the listed guns, it greatly improves the Italian situation in terms of side balance, though it means more work on our part in unit balance.