[UnitList] Imperial Japan


I agree, but similar could be said of Finland or Italy.


There were Japanese medium tanks with 75mm guns (not many of those), and some tank destroyers with similar armament. Later variants of Shi-Ha (type 3 and later) had 75mm.

There was a variant of Chi-Ha tank armed with 120mm ‘assault cannon’, should be reasonably effective against medium armor (this variant is said to be experimental in English wiki, yet Russian wiki article has a photo of it captured by US troops, go figure… Yet another article says “In the last WWII, the Imperial Japanese Navy made the Type 97 Chi-Ha variant by replacing its gun with a naval 12 cm (120 mm) short gun. Produced in small numbers and deployed in Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces.”)

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Planned buildtree:

(note: wheeled armored cars are excluded as Japan had no modern models of those in use during late WW2. However there is enough variety of light tracked units to cover that role)

Barracks: basic infantry squads, truck, 70mm battalion gun

Gun yard: truck, 47 mm AT gun, 75 mm mountain gun, 25 mm AA gun
All upgrades add 100 mm howitzer, Type 4 rocket launcher
SP Upgrade also adds Type 2 Ho-Ni II
TD Upgrade adds Type 1 Ho-Ni III

Vehicle yard: truck, engineering vehicle, Type 97 Te-Ke (lightest tank ever to mount a 37mm gun!), AA vehicle, Type 1 Ho-Ha APC, Type 95 Ha-Go, Type 1 Ho-Ni I (this is more like SU-76 than a pure tank destroyer)
Amphibious upgrade adds Type 2 Ka-Mi, Type 4 Ka-Tsu
Tank upgrade 1 adds Type 97 Chi-Ha (57 mm, good vs soft targets, not so good vs armor), opens Tank upgrade 2
Tank upgrade 2 adds Type 97 ShinhoTo Chi-Ha (this can sort of fight medium tanks, but weak HE round)

Tank yard: Type 1 Chi-He (weaker than every other medium), (something else?)
Upgrade adds Type 3 Chi-Nu (can go 1v1 vs Sherman), and 120 mm ‘assault tank’ version of Chi-Ha (can’t find proper designation for that)

Possible additions: amphib upgrade for Tank yard (resulting in Type 3 Ka-Chi medium amphib tank).
Veh yard looks overloaded, need to move something to another yard.


Do we already have Buildings? I’m now very good in Blender before I started my placement I worked with Blender, I can do some if I’m back. :slight_smile: Otherwise I could ask my chef in the placement If I can do some models with SolidEdge ST3 :smiley: but I think he would kill me. Next to compatibility problems.


We have no building models for Japanese yet. Only a few aircraft and some ships are modeled.


One of the following is going to be the Japanese engineering vehicle:

SS (many built, but it’s WAAAAGH DA ORKZ!!! too much somehow, look at the weapons)
Ri-Ki (a few dozens built)
Se-Ri (too few built)

Ho-K (this is not a construction vehicle, but something more like a bulldozer)


I would go for the Ri-Ki


Useful page with 2-view photos of some Japanese guns. Blueprints are nearly impossible to find, so those will do.

Links on the bottom lead to more pages of the same document, one of which has heavier guns.


Ho-Ni I and Ho-Ni III vehicles use the same gun (type 90 75mm) and are generally similar (only noticeable difference is Ho-Ni I has an open top and Ho-Ni III is fully enclosed and so a bit better protected).

So far I’m going to use Ho-Ni I like the SU-76 (design concepts are very similar). Now there’s a question, should Ho-Ni III be a dedicated tank destroyer (only AP ammunition) or more like the StuG (both ammo types). It’s no better in anti-armor role than Ho-Ni I (same gun and better, but still weak armor which won’t be of much help VS a medium tank).

Japanese advanced medium tank will use the same gun, too.


Some data on Japanese artillery tractors (and generally a useful page about Japanese equipment)


Idea for future consideration:

Japanese should have the regular barracks (like all other factions) and a ‘light’ barracks (basically a tent). This one is:

  • small (can be placed in difficult terrain where space for normal barracks is not sufficient)
  • vulnerable (it’s just a tent)
  • cheap
  • slow (~half build rate of normal rax)
  • unable to produce heavy equipment (no trucks, no pack howitzer, maybe no specialized inf squads even - only rifle and smg squads. No calling in air recon either)
    Should look like so (link).

Idea is, Japanese inf should be somehow better in rough terrain, and this is one of the ways to achieve that - they will have reinforcements in places where others could not. When the terrain is clear they will be better off just building normal barracks, because of all the specialized squads and trucks there.


Interesting idea.

Also I’d lean towards Ho-Ni III being AP only, though i dunno how well it will work. Did Japanese have any kind of special ammo?


Haven’t read about much use of hollow-charge rounds on their vehicles. Nothing about SABOT rounds either. Maybe I just haven’t found the proper sources.
So far it seems Type 90 75mm gun was effective against medium tanks with regular AP rounds, so there probably was little need to invent special ones.

EDIT: JAL pointed me to this, which states there were in fact some HEAT rounds in use for 75mm guns, including Type 90 75mm gun. Which is the main armament of Ho-Ni I, Ho-Ni III and the Type 4 medium tank.


If no one did already the Japanese buildings, I could do.

For this small “Barrack” I suggest something like a bamboo-tent 50% wood and 50% tent. Maybe something which is a little bit cloaked something “Vietnamish” you know?
The Japanese used tunnel-systems as well. So they can deploy fast, mobile but small units.

For the bigger Barracks I’d go for bigger Tents as well.

By the way, If I get the job I would make them with Blender as .obj file.


Japanese ground radars: link.

We probably don’t want any of the Navy ones (should only be found on/near major naval bases), although they do look better than the Army models.


The 120mm gun tank seems even more crazy now. Look here: the ammo is stored outside the turret and has to be fetched from there right in the middle of combat. Plus there is hardly more than 5 rounds carried. And storage boxes don’t seem to be well protected, maybe even a 0.50cal can pierce them (resulting in huge BOOM).

So the vehicle is not like smaller version of IS-2, but more like a heavy support gun (think SU-76, but bigger).


Can’t find something good for the ground attack role. I found the ‘tank killer’ aircraft, but then I’d also need something else to drop bombs. Maybe something like Ki-48, but it’s a bit large.
Ki-51 looks suitable, but I haven’t found a good blueprint of it yet.

Or maybe one of the fighters can be used in fighter-bomber config.

Edit: found a good drawing of Ki-51, so that’s what will be in.


blueprints.com gave me some good ones
But you already found some ^^


Type 1 Model 2 Mobile Matress radar is going to be modeled.
More stats


Link you maybe already have