Skirmish AI: C.R.A.I.G.


ok, thx for the help! :slight_smile:


Released v3.2, a small bugfix release. Most notably this fixes the occasional Spring lockup when playing against C.R.A.I.G. on easy, and also made medium and hard a bunch easier by setting hard limits on the number of factories it will make.

[size=120][b]IMPORTANT NOTES:

  • This release depends on S44 pre-L2_v02.
  • Play only on the maps listed in the first post, on other maps it will play much worse!
  • There is a mod option to set the difficulty now, the default is medium.
  • The downloaded file goes into your mods folder.[/b][/size]


v3.1 -> v3.2
* Fixed spring lockup (infinite loop) when all base buildings where limited
  and the base building algorithm reached end of the queue.
* New constructor syntax used in configuration.  (UnitArray, UnitSet, UnitBag)
* Moved unitlimits out of buildorder.lua into it's own file: unitlimits.lua
* Default difficulty level changed to medium.
* Waypoint editor changes:
  - Brush size in waypoint editor is now in world coordinates.
  - Loads from LuaRules/Configs/craig/maps as fallback.
  - Only need to hover over the waypoint when pressing M to delete it.
* S44: Huge nerf because of the complaints it was too hard
  - Now in all difficulties all factories are limited.
  - Barracks: 3 on easy, 3 on medium, 4 on hard.
  - Vehicle yard: 1 on easy and medium, 2 on hard.
  - Tank yard: 1 on easy, 2 on medium, 4 on hard.
  - Supply depot: 1 on easy and medium, 2 on hard.
* S44: Supply depot is now used to spam halftracks.
* S44: Fixed buildorder for Russia.  (now commissars can't clone themselves)
* Added waypoint profiles for:
  - 1944_Village_Crossing_v2
  - CenterrockV12

Download here:


I got problem whit AI bots when i select mod game says i dont have no AI bots on my spring installion. I have the newest version.


We’ll use this thread to try to solve your problem.


Now i know the problem i cannot start anygame so why is that?


I’m learning how to play 1944… it is awesome! Tnx :slight_smile:

Btw I’m not able to defeat C.R.A.I.G on the 1994 kiev v4 map at normal difficulty level.
I think the problem is that on this kind of maps (there are a lot of resources spammed all around) a cheating AI is almost impossible to defeat: you can’t stop it from acquiring resources because you are attacked on all the sides at the same time from an unfair number of units. On a smaller map you can keep one or two flags more than the AI, amass units and finally try flanking it. But on big maps the AI advantage becomes huge as soon as it gets most of the flags.

Is that analysis correct or am I just a super noob who can’t defeat this nice AI?


Try using air :slight_smile:
(Though that could be considered cheating, cause the AI doesn’t know how to deal with air.)

I kinda forgot how defeatable it is without using air. I think it can be done, but you have to play quite good.


I’m not aware of how recent changes (i.e. in the past few months) have changed the difficulty of the AI, but it’s extremely difficult to beat the AI on hard without air unless you’re on a resource-heavy map like Kiev (it’s hard even then). With air, it’s trivially easy if you can survive until you get planes; just strafe their initial AA with interceptors, then spam ground-attack planes at their base.


Make heavy use of deployed machine guns defending deployed anti-tank guns. By slowly advancing my defensive positions (leapfrogging) in that fashion, using tanks to defend while on the move and APC’s for logistics, I have been able to beat the C.R.A.I.G. on medium and hard difficulty several times without using air. Just make sure there aren’t any gaps in the line or the sneaky A.I. will slither right through and bite you in the arse.

Make sure it doesn’t capture more than half the flags on the map and push you into a corner. If this happens the continuous onslaught of tanks will burn through your ammunition stocks and you will die.


Maybe I’ve missed something really obvious here, but when I try to start a game with AI players all of the AIs on my team surrender their units to me instantly and the other teams just sit in their starting locations, not moving or building or anything. I’ve got the latest version of the spring engine and the latest version of the mod. When I add the AI player the only option is "C.R.A.I.G "


LuaAI’s are broken in this version of the engine, we’ll have to wait for an engine update.


I’m not sure about the surrendering of AIs on your team. The others not moving or building or anything is a Spring engine bug unfortunately. This is being looked into.

That is right, it is the only AI that can play Spring: 1944.