sasi: super awesome springlobby interface


Further dabblings:
This time the base code is in python using the PySide Qt bindings (the other example had a c++ base code). The video doesn’t do justice to the fluidity of motion I’m afraid.
Here’s the entire qml code for that app:


This is now actually running on SL core logic with Qt Quick Gui on top.


moar bettar:


damn koshi, that looks incredible. another thing for my post-exams todo list, there.


couple of things to note:

  • the skirmish bit will use the same logic already present in LobbyOptions.lua, same for background and a couple of things
  • button graphics can be changed at runtime/package time, aka they’re just pngs in a subdir (current gfx are thanks to forb who i’m working with closely atm)
  • While the whole thing is based on SL logic it is a seperate binary. Simply cause mixing qt and wx app/event stuff is impossible and or dangerous. Good news is I’ve managed to make it a statically linked exe, so no new dll deps.
  • If you’re especially motivated, you can easily change the ui desciption files yourself, as they too are loaded at runtime and changes there require no recompilation of the binary.


put your wishes,requests and wild dreams here: … erfaceTodo


now with sound:

edit: join #sasi on lobby so I don’t have to repeat myself too much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


s44 styled:
somehow my desktop recorded refused to get the background music and button sounds tho



Sasi will have mission launching capability shortly. 3-Tuples of (description.txt,screeny.png,mission.script) will need to go into subdirs in the sasi customization sdd, the associated mutators can go anywhere. Screenshot attached shows two completed mission forb did with the mission editor.


holy shit, awesome! mission.script is a start script, I take it?