Added the British Storm/Assault boat as light engineer-buildable water transport

Info and pics here:

There’s some debate over which would be the right one to use, but they all look pretty much the same anwyay, just a case of scale.


Strangely, this boat looks very much like Soviet NLP half-pontoon:

Should I model that thing for the USSR?


Pictures aren’t showing up Yuritch.

I’m also pondering adding a Landing Craft Gun (Medium) [2x 25pdr or 2x 17pdr] or the Landing Craft Support (Large) (2) [6pdr + several 20mm] that yuritch found, though only 10 of those were built, as an AFP / american LCS(L) counterpart

edit: And if you’re wanting something to model, there are always Archer, Sexton, M36, Staghound AA etc etc :stuck_out_tongue:

edit2: Though I guess the Fairmile D’s would be somewhat more useful than the LCL(L)(2), even if they aren’t actually designed for that role.


I found very detailed drawings for Fairmiles (all types, incl. A, B, C, D, HDML and more), so those aren’t a problem anymore. If another link I found contains what I think it does, then I will also have drawings for Vospers (different types) and PT boats tomorrow.
Staghound AA is marked as rebundant in unit list, is it really needed? (I have drawings for it btw).
And, those are the pics from previous post:


I can’t even make out the first picture, but the second looks like a good acceptable Soviet dingy… but isn’t the PG-117 going to fill that role anyway?


First picture is the same boat, only in folded state. It’s rather big - it can take 29 soldiers across a river, PG-117 is much smaller than that (but also much faster and armed with a Maxim).
Anyway, I committed some Soviet river-crossing stuff to my svn folder some time ago (that boat isn’t there), those should do (if not, I can model this one instead).


Yes the Staghound AA is needed. It shouldn’t be redundant on the SourceForge WIP lists.

That folding boat looks very much like the one the aussies used. :smiley: Yes, excellent.


We should probably standardize what list we’re using :stuck_out_tongue:

Given that we’re now focusing on a specific set of units, lets try to use the “release goals” post.All of us have the forum power to edit that post, so feel free to update it as things are completed/cut/whatever.


To get the discussion back on topic (which is Navies): here are some R-Boat (German minesweeper) drawings. It has some scanned text pages as well, in German. I don’t understand German though, so I cannot determine if that thing is WW2 or later. If it IS WW2, then that looks like a ship we could use. So, can someone who knows German take a look? The files are jpg images in a zip.


My german’s not what it was, but with the aid of babelfish:

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the drawings show refitted R44 types rather than some post-war new build.


Ok, then this can probably go in as a R-Boot. I don’t see all the weapons we have listed for that though, one 20mm is missing (we have 1x30mm and 3x20mm listed, I can only see 1x30mm and 2x20mm on the drawings).
Bomb-like things are probably buoys from minesweeping equipment.
The drawing is rather good, it won’t take long to model and the model will be accurate.


Alright, I’ve plugged the PG-117 into the game, however I have some concerns…

First, it doesn’t fit with the light river transports of the other sides. The Sturmboot and Rubber Dinghy look similar to one another, and then along comes this racing boat… also, it’s armed, and has a much smaller transport capacity (which coupled with most numerous infantry in game may = fail)

That wooden folding boat thing looks like it might be a good idea. It’s pretty much exactly what we need – some shitty little barely-floating hunk of material that can be transported over land very easily (and thus be built by Engineers rather than by shipyards), which is unarmed, unarmoured, and really can’t do anything other than carry some infantry across an undefended river, for those maps that may require lots of such moves.

So I’d say model that wooden folding boat thing… and try to see if the PG-117 can fit anywhere else… but I have a suspicion it may not :frowning:


It can just be a cool little speedboat built in the coastal/river dock.

Think of it as the BA-64 of the seas! That doesn’t have a true counterpart on the other teams either.


Ok, I’ll try to do the folding boat today. It won’t really be folding though, we don’t need that :slight_smile:
As for PG-117, it would fit fast cheap water scout role. Plus it’s Maxim makes it a considerable threat to unarmed boats, and it can be used to land something small on the enemy coast very fast (say a scout team or a sniper).


That sounds very much like the kind of role the Jeep/Kubelwagen etc had, and I was very much against including it, because really its not much of a role at all… BUT, navies will have far fewer numbers of units than ground forces, so maybe there will be a place for it. We’ll see when we get there I suppose. I’ll keep it in for now.


I’m going to rethink Soviet naval force composition a bit.
Take note of 1 thing: Soviet torpedo boats have very weak armament (other than torpedoes, and still they only have 2 tubes, unlike Vospers for ex.). That means they are considerably weaker than say S-Boats in small surface ship action. So, I’m thinking about dropping 1 of the Soviet torpedo boats (they aren’t very different strength-wise) and introducing MO-4 or BMO instead. That would be a counter-torpedo-boat type ship, armed with 37mm automatic gun and some 12.7mm MGs.
That is needed because larger ships are valid torpedo targets themselves and so won’t be able to screen destroyers from s-boat attacks, and Soviet torpedo boats with their twin 12.7mm MGs won’t be able to intercept those s-boats either. Germans have R-Boot for that (1x37mm, 2x20mm), German, UK and US torpedo craft carry considerable light AA weapons (usable against small ships), so giving a BMO boat with 1x37mm, 1x45mm (non-auto) and 2x2x12.7mm to USSR sounds about right, plus that thing is slower than similar ships from other nations.


Sounds good to me Yuritch. Vosper is also lightly armed other than its torpedos.


That’s good Yuri, I think that’ll fit in very well. Armament sounds very similar to the Higgins PT Boat (37mm aircraft gun, 40mm Bofors, and two twin .50 caliber, plus optional 20mm)


Giggle bump.



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