just to try things out


New Mutator

Some new units , some balance stuff.

NEW update ! … 5.sdz.html



  • 10% cheaper alpini, improved semovente75_46 aiming
  • made jpn heavysupport upgrade cheaper and jp medium tanks upgrade more expensive,made italian heavyarmour upgrade faster (it was slow),added craig pathing fro chesterhillv3
  • fixed ChiHe MG targetting vs OPENVEH, fixed Teke targetting HE vs SOFTVEH
  • reduced mobility of rocketarmed planes and stuka, jpnkami and uslvta4 can cap buoy now
  • rusgazaaa buff , M2 AA gets more spread.
  • improved optics for scoutcars. … 6.sdz.html

update :

-removed unknown weapontags, HVAR has range=700, Barrage Rocket spreads more, m8rocket82mm does 25% more damage, mc202 sortie is a bit cheaper.

  • fixed some ju87 aiming and chasing.
  • i changed turnrates of armor: light is 800, med = 900, heavy =1000, artillery =1100


I’ve made a UnitDefs dump from 2.0, Equilibrio 2.085 (I think that was the version) and current master. They are in a format which should make diffing them easier to see what was changed balance-wise.


New attemps at dumping the defs, this time got more tags (it seems still not all of them).