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It was not meant as a mutator, it’s just a collection of units right now. Plus we don’t want 2 different incompatible “+1 side” mutators to be around.

Any comments on units?
Ho-Ro, for example, is something new to S44. It’s a bit like ISU-152, but still very different.
Most of the new tanks have working bow machineguns, but no turret machineguns (since those face backwards and I can’t make them work yet), does that feel ok?
Is unarmed halftrack ok or should I add a machinegun to it?


the japanese truck cant deploy and doesnt have a corpse
Is the MG on turret a AA gun?
SP arty is very good, but the tankette doesnt have a mg, (it was only good vs halftracks, MG troops).


Truck is incomplete yet (deploy and corpse).
Not sure what do you mean as MG on turret.
Tankette is NOT supposed to have an MG, it’s so small that it either had MG or gun IRL.

Also, there’s a new version of Japanese units, featuring some more of them (incl. 2 ships). Take a look at Chi-Ha tanks and their exhaust smoke (when starting to move).

(obsolete file removed)


Some more units. Some buildings are included this time.
Exhaust smoke added to all vehicles which have exhaust system visible on the model. Currently uses same effect as light guns, needs something more exhaust-like.

(obsolete file removed)


Now with aircraft. /cheat /give japradar and see.


Ok, now it’s not just a bunch of units, but a new side added to the mutator.

Italy + Japan

(Japan is horribly unbalanced. As in not balanced at all)


Great work yuri !




There are versions compatible with Spring 94?


Where can I download the mutator with Italy + japan?

The link is not available.


If you have an svn client, you can get the mutator at this link. It also requires an svn version of S44 however (link)



Explain to me how should I do?

#114 … 2.sdz.html

but still for Most III


Is a good job, congratulations!

I have seen that you have yet to create the texture of the infantry, artillery, etc. …

Someone is working on the texture?


yuritch made models and texture for jap/ita , but he said human models r hard to make.
this will take time.


i made a new version of additional mutator:

  • fixed AP damage
  • desabled turret hitvol (because of spring 0.94)
  • based on most III
  • rev 3850

edit: … 2.sdz.html
(AP damage should work now)


new version:

  • based on most III and additionalsides rev 3855
  • removed svn folders from sdz to avoid sync errors
  • AP rules of previous version … 3.sdz.html


There a small balance mutator for dev version:

-cheaper Tiger & Tiger ii
-long 75mm and 88mm reload 1sec faster
-Tiger II front armour has 20mm more
-AA ranges reduced by 25%

  • Mortar platoons cost is based on 2000 command + HP (single unit)
  • airbombs target borders of units
  • IS2 is cheaper
  • Valentine is cheaper
  • Jagdpanther is cheaper
  • 10HP more for JPN infantry … e.sd7.html


Excellent, JAL is restarting his mutator ! ! !