updated ita
-based on MG1.58 patch 4+ (+ some more)
-more new sounds
-updated unitdescriptions
-Heat for semovente90 … ta39fa.sdz


Some things for JAL to investigate:

  1. Italian HQ does not turn into icon on zoom out
  2. Italian AT gun is detected from long range (probably it’s cloaked, but not stealth)
  3. Italian inf is really hard to kill when prone, snipers need multiple shots. Those same snipers 1-shot standing inf. Not 100% sure, but it seems other nation’s inf don’t have that big bonus from being prone


new version for MG 1.58 patch 5Max … Xit40b.sdz


mutator for version for MG 1.58 patch 5Max … aly40d.sdz

got rid of anoying bugs. … ta40e3.sdz
more bugs fixed


mutator for version for MG 1.58 patch 5Max
+i gave italian infantry the same flankingbonus as other infantry
+radar for semoventes … 0e5%29.sdz



I saw the tanks Italians, there are 4 (1 light, 1 medium and heavy 2).

The L6/40 light tank is the whisker version launches with flames, I would like to inform you that the missing secondary weapon, a machine gun “Breda 38” 8 mm.

I hope you do also the other tanks and basic models of light tanks (with gun).

I do not work with version 0.87 of Srping.

#87 … aMR159.sdz

italians mutator tested with spring 0.87 & MR 1.59


Thank you, now I work well.

Congratulations for the models are done well.


italians mutator tested with spring 0.88 & MR 1.59 DVA

-> fixed and changed italian tankyard upgrades.
-> fixed italian bombers . … 159DVA.sdz


italians mutator for spring 0.88 MG 1.59 TRI … 159TRI.sdz


Any updates on Spring 1944?

There are other factions and new units?

The mutator with the “Italian side” for version 0.89?

#92 … 3cMR16.sdz
mutator for spring 0.89 s44 MR 1.6


It does not work!


I played it vs a player today, the only problem r the textures and infantry models.


small mutator for MR 1.6 … dS44V5.sdz


italy v44

#97 … 4cM162.sdz
fixed init.- movestate and firestate of fighters.
fixed 160kg bombs
fixed weak AT grenades
its for spring 1944 M 1.62


I’m starting to plug Japanese units into the mutator. Expect their ground vehicles quite soon.


Here are some Japanese units to experiment with. Just unpack them into mutator .sdd, and use /cheat /give.

(obsolete file removed, see end of thread)


I’ll try! :smiley: