Here are the files for L6/40 l.f. flame tank.


Looks like the wasp is about to get pwnt! :no4:


I think i need more models to move most semoventes to tankyard (with heavy upgrade P40,semovente 105).
And put spguns on trucks in spgunyard instead.
Autocannone 102 or 90. And 75. … jgokey-com

i found a penetration table about the weapons:


Autocannone 75 is a WW1-era AA gun on a truck, do we really want this? It’s not effective as AA gun and not very good as AT gun either.
Autocannone 90 (AA gun on truck) model is in my svn for more than a year now (but it needs script). This is as good as a German 88 in all roles.
Autocannone 100 (mobile howitzer) was in my Italians mod (with model, script and everything), is it not in yours?

If you need any more models, let me know.


I was talking about TL 37libya 75/27 guntruck and Autocanonne 102/35 (Naval wwI gun ). But both r used in north afrika and sizily in wwII.

I will look at the autocannone 90. maybe 102 is not needed because of the same role.

autocannone 90 and 75 will be cheaper than their armored versions.


102mm naval gun on a truck would be a bit too much imo :slight_smile:
TL37 with 75mm can probably be useful as sort of assault gun, I’ll think of making that one if I find a good blueprint for it.

#67 … s-italiens


Now I need to find some 3-way (preferably) drawings of this:

So far the best I found is this:


Autocannone SPA TL-37 da 75/27 … dd=7524409 … 7tl37.html

new version of mutator: (had to fix Autocannone90 and cannone47)


  1. i changed the carcano 91 a bit
  2. and gave italian infantry proper grenade oto 35 (not homing)
  3. eliteM38 has oto and breda 42 grenade
  4. eliterifle has bomba a mano “L” (i didnt use hit_side_top tag because i dont like it, the grenade has a good chance to hit top anyway)


Autocannone da 75/27 files.


Nice yuritch ! :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. the Autocannone75 is in
  2. changed elitesquads a bit
  3. carcano shoots a bit slower

  1. HEAT for semevente 105
  2. removed targetBorder=1 from breda 42 and L grenade (to hit top better)
  3. smoke for mortar
  4. health value changes for some vehicles,guns,tanks

  1. hitboxes for itasahariana and itas37
  2. EP fx


  1. Edited the Gadget armourhitVols to make an exception for .3do models.


small mutator that gives u a initial force nothing else , no build tree.

RAI is better than craig here.


Another version of NOBUILD

  1. commander can call in sorties (if there r some stocked up)
  2. mapspecific armies
  3. made one for 1944_Kiev_V4


  1. build and deploy times fixed
  2. some balance
  3. removed radar from HQ
    Ty Godde

more balance to carcano,fiatcr42,semoventes,ab41,at_grenades,elite_infantry


MC.202 files.


updated italian mutator for Morgenrote 1.58
and added p43bis


update for airground rockets mutator to work on MG 1.58 … HREEr2.sdz

#80 … ly39da.sdz
based on MG1.58 patch 4+
added some new sounds