chickens in MG 1.52 ! … men26a.sdz
prolly very hard


Could you please put the new healthbars widget that comes with MG 1.52 on SM?

I got used to it already.

#43 … tor29L.sdz
with healthbars widget and some other new stuff . !

UPDATE: … tor29p.sdz
added tbfavenger
got rid of last 3do message


I’ll be playing singleplayer today, because my internet is being used to download stuff.


maybe final

-destroyers can cap flags
-new engeneers.fbi
-fletcher buildpic

    -fixed pak40 bunker facing in wrong direction.
      -rusguards balance … tor30n.sdz

try new US_AIengeneer,new naval AIstuff,improved fritzx weapon.


Why do you have a different movedefs.lua than standard s44?


	footprintX		=	2,

Trucks have a footprint of 3x3. They tend to get stuck every now and then when the movedef footprint is smaller than the unit .fbi footprint is bigger.


a patched patch: … 4edit4.sdz
usgarand - 550 range
all rocketplanes
-with new weapons
-shorter range ,faster reload
ptab - 8 projectiles
il2ptab buildpic
USstuart fixed ,cob and fbi
hullmg to all tanks except supporttanks


a mg 1.52 mutator … alin15.sdz

play against russia (C.R.A.I.G.)and dont cry if u get pwned.


Hello , a new old mutator that gives all tanks hullmg’s now.
For mg 1.53 of course. … hullmg.sdz


Play vs chickens , works with MG 1.53 now. … men28a.sdz


CommandoC with heavygrenade
a mutator for mg 1.53


I modified yuritch’s italy mutator , i added a techtree and some buildpic placeholders , some bugfixes .
i could fight medium craig with them.


You can add naval units to Italy, they are all done. ITAMAS, ITAMS, ITAMZ are the naval units (there are 3 more, but those are larger ships), plus usual infantry boat and vehicle raft. MAS is the torpedo boat, MS is patrol boat (like Raumboot or RUSBMO), MZ is very much like GERMFP.

Larger ships are ITAGabbiano (corvette), ITAOrsa (light destroyer), ITANavigatory (‘scout’ destroyer = almost a light cruiser).

I don’t remember if I made a shipyard unit for Italy or not, there surely is no model for it (but you could use German one).


ok here, with Reggiane re 2005 and the boats now.

with the heavy ships modoption
it will add destroyers,torpboats,corvettes and torpedoplanes nothing else (except damagedef change).


-no rocketplane change
-fletcher & Oclass with waterbombs now
-some balance


Here is a proper model of Fiat Cr. 42 (but still untextured). It’s set up so that you can just replace yours with that (piece tree is the same).

try the fiatcr.42 now , looks awesome with yuritch new model even without textures.


Here’s an engineering truck for Italy, with all the needed files.

with yuritchs new breda 41 truck
added breda 42 grenade to elite infantry

after a game with Lowdive: (update)

  1. fixes , italian infantry attacking mines
  2. engeneer build fast as others
  3. RE2005 rescaled
  4. some buildpic changes to make it easier to play.

  1. fixes re2005
  2. better MG
  3. HQ corpse info
  4. large supply (updated)

  1. obice100 script
  2. hitboxes for some models
  3. more buildpics , better descriptions
  4. gunyard upgrade