Advanced german craig mutator

update: fix with the wrong engineer in barrackbunker and craig builds some AA vehicle now.


added a B17 in there … tor24l.sdz
ty FXD
update: … tor25c.sdz


I liked the b17… @¬@

What’s on the update?


Low , there is a changes.txt in the .sdz file

#25 … r25ubv.sdz … r25ubv.sdz

with working texture for B17
and hullmachinegun for panzerIV

EDIT: chickenalarm !



  • added gunbunker germany
  • added 2 guards platoons for russia
  • more hp for heavychickens (
  • changed the waves a bit
  • rocketplane changes
  • now MK47-L60 bombs vs chicken available (new us sortie)
  • nerfed chickenbombers
  • chickenturret has a AA mode
  • some gadget update
  • income fix (removed rc5 flagmanager)
  • better chicken AA
  • chickena1,chickena2 are hardveh now, so rocketplanes can target them
  • rc2 flagmanager … en24f7.sdz
  • replaced fearmanager with rc3 one
  • new weapon for typhoon = RP3 with 60lb GP
  • more chicken AA changes
  • M47 weapon change
  • balancing … en25d3.sdz


Yays! I beat very easy chickens with normal queen!
Nice one JAL.


Ohhh… I missed the update today…
I was playing the version 24 f6 and this crash came up:

I tried re-joining and it crashed at same thing again.



I try to fix this with a older gamefearhandler gadget, it wasnt a good idea to put some rc5 gadgets in to fix some MG 1.5 problems.


I take it that means the lua errors can’t be replicated in S44Main?


Most of them r fixed.


I messed a bit more up
get fast vehicles !
and some other changes … tor26a.sdz


pretty fun, too bad i cant figure out whats with my computer and spring, but thats not your problem :slight_smile: you should put some of those “unused units” like the sdkfz222 and Volksstrum in this. Thanks for the fun :smiley:


Its geting bigger.
Now with heavy naval option activated (with some changes of course).

now with improvedgerman AI (beware of panthers)


All basic tanks have hullmg now !

some other updates check changes.txt … or28a1.sdz


a Mutator for the MG1.52

play against GBR craig

it builds nearly all

(clean , only AI stuff changed)

#36 … tor28c.sdz

its still based on MG 1.5
now with modoption that make craig use naval stuff
works only with craig as germany at the moment … tor28e.sdz
with against naval GBR craig too now, + some ship balance.


It keeps saying failed to load bitmaps decals shermana.bmp!
Even on the new 28c!

#38 … or28g4.sdz

try that one


SM first load crash:
Just happens at first load every day.

SM fails to load:

Keeps happening and happening and happening…


I didnt notice that sherman got new tracks , i used a actual version to add hullmg.
FIXED NOW ! … tor28h.sdz