Mufuckin' Flak mufuckin' 36


Why do you always want to see the most uncommon weapons in game?


Because there the most interesting, and I suggested the comet and other things that were used


The Jagdtiger was a beast, but again few were built (77, give or take a few) and it was even regarded by the crews as something of a white elephant. Otto Canius, one of the war’s top Tiger aces, was given command of a Jagdtiger unit and was pretty critical about it being a total waste of resources that late in the war. They were even more overweight and prone to breakdowns than the Tigers, which isn’t something to brag about.

As for the Comet and the Pershing, neither got into action until 1945.


Maybe but they i think they were on their way to units by 1944.


I don’t know if you have realised yet that this game isn’t about the unique, rare, uncommon and, indeed, never used weapons of WW2, but the more common ones to provide a more accurate representation of what the the battlefield of 1944 could have been like. In my opinion implementing weapons because they were used in one battle or operation (like napalm) or weapons that never saw any major fighting (like the comet and pershing) is rather pointless and historically inaccurate.


Game, not mod.


Sorry :blush:


But thats what puts fun into the game, having things that were unique.


well, perhaps it could be used in tactics when the time comes. just a thought


What about the German dual autoloading 128mm FlaK40, just kidding… anyways.

Also people don’t seem to considere the FlaK36 effectivness during the African campaign?
Rommel was forced to use them more agressive cuz Hitler didn’t gave him more tanks.

Back to the role of it:
It was an Artillery, Anti-Tank and Anti-Aircraft weapon.

For Anti-Aircraft:

  • It was only used against Bombers, but also against smaller planes flying very high.
  • Flak 41 was better for the AA role because it could strike on higher altitudes.
  • Was depending on an Advanced Radar system like FuMG 39 “Würzburg” or other similiar systems deployed to the Battery which are not present in-game, against Bombers and everything else which can fly. Wiki 8,8cm FlaK (german), FuMG 39 “Würzburg” (german)

So there is really no reason for a AA role.

For Anti-Tank:

  • Cheaper than Tigers (I guess, should)
  • Can protect, against nearly every enemy vehicle, different areas, should be deployed of course.

Well mixing the FlaK36 with MG42s and trying to make a defensive can be very good and for more defensive players (like me) its very cool and can stop enemys rushing somewhere.

For Artillery role:

  • since it was also used as Arty it can deploy a punch if the frontline changed away from the defense line.

So that are some good reasons I think. It simply gives the player the possibilty to fight different if you think of different doctrines.

All in all I would try to implement it that way:

  • Price between the present top Anti-Tank gun and the Tiger I.
  • Deployable or build by engineer with 360° view, but extremely vulnerable by infantry.
  • can be used as arty BUT not as good as the official counterparts in other word, more limited but still 360°.
  • upgrade to a Bunker version with very limited view, less vulnerable by infantry, can’t be used as Arty anymore.
  • loading, maybe just a bit slower than Tigers.
  • more accurate than the tracked counterparts even while not moving.
  • maybe a bit higher range and view range.
  • AP/HE/Smoke

So that were my thoughts.