[Mod]Spring : Modern Warfare [General stuff/concepts]


Have a look at this:
youtube link
Might give some ideas for ‘superweapons’ and such.


wtf I saw a German Fennek fighting together with the Russians aganst the American units? lulz Anyways looks cool I think I will pick up some of the designs.


Link to concept drawing (pic is too large and breaks forum layout a bit)

This is said to be a new Chinese tank concept. 2-man crew, unmanned turret, 120mm gun. Twin 12.7mm machineguns. Two 40mm grenade launchers (in mini-turret on top the main one). Radar which is able to detect aircraft at 8000 meters range. Automatic anti-aircraft mode (without crew intervention) for machineguns, but they can also be used in ‘manual’ mode against ground targets.

Take note that tank is quite low so it’s hard to hit and easier to hide behind terrain.



Good News:

I found a very professional Texture-Artist he’s very good I already got my first texture for the NATO Headquarter.

Bad News:

I have HDD problems at the momment and I need a new HDD. I do have some problems with my Windows 7 too. I can’t buy a new HDD yet or in the next months It will take time (damn :imp: :no4: ). So in other words I can’t go on working for some time my 3DS Max and the latest build are on the Harddrive.

But it will not be dead and if it takes years :slight_smile:

However I still think that I’m able to release something in Q4.


I am still doing concepts especially VTOLs, Tanks and unmanned vehicles.



Okay, It’s definitely to hard to maintain a Project next to a education, its simply not possible to find enough time for good work results while you need to learn for the education. Damn, I think I will stop the Project and I will spread some of the actually little content done by me. I will also try to add some models to the Model Database setup @ the Spring Forums.

I also didn’t found time to play Spring in the last weeks :-/

But I’m impressed by the support I got from some of the members that really helped me. And I think It will help me to make models with code and texture in future :slight_smile: