Making up a "campaign".


I’m here, and I’ve been making some rules and stuff… I could probably write a short doc with them all, but I’ve been dead busy with school, I even stopped looking at the forum for a while… lol.

I’m up and ready for starting to test it out (structure it), if you really feel like it could be better than some coded planetwars kinda automatic thingy.


if you have a design doc with rules, please do post. I have a general setup I put together a while ago, but I never really finished figuring out how to balance it in a way that wouldn’t lead to really big slippery slope. I’ll post that sketch I made after you’ve put up your ideas, as I don’t want to taint your conceptions with something I did a while ago (which might be crap, as I have no experience with turn based pen/paper style wargames, which is basically what we’re talking about).


An attempt to make a viable conquest map…