sorted the lab computer issue, so I can do start-to-finish testing at this point on untouched-by-spring computers once that dll issue is fixed.

also, what version is Market Garden going to be?


I’d probably not attach a version to it in the fashion lyuban had (but merely a version of MG), but that’s just me


also, should we do something about healthbars before the release? engine ones went poof (as part of lua-ization)


Engine ones aren’t supposed to be removed until next full engine release, have you checked 82.5.1?


Even if they aren’t missing now we should replace them.


lua healthbars are slow, jk’s healthbar widget doesn’t work great with S44, writing our own that’s superior will take forever, we can deal with this later if the engine bars re still there. This release has been pushed back more than enough.


Engine ones are missing currently anyway. Looks like the commit was accidentally cherry picked into 82.5.



Latest installer build works great, and syncs with regular spring installs (huzzah!). Only quibble is the display of the giant list of BA games when SL is fired up (doesn’t have ‘only mods I have’ enabled/the filter issue we already talked about).


in light of apparently imminent next release i’ve updated my installer infrastructure to current spring rev and build a new installer: … er_b01.exe
nvm what actually is in that mods dir of that, I just need feedback wheter installer works and installed spring is ok/syncs online
please use a fresh install dir and see if the shortcuts work






Splash screen has some text after “Setup” cut off (“Welcome to the Spring v 1.5: Operation Market Garden Setup” - cut on next line). Otherwise installation seemed successful - spring started just fine, loaded BA and S44 without issue (after I grabbed a map).

"Spring 1944’ shortcut bombs, but that’s expected given empty mod archive (no customization data).

Discovered that the lab computers w/ ATI mobility radeon HD 2600XTs really dislike nano particles (insta-crash in BA when something starts building), but that’s unrelated to the installer.

Played on the nickel spring 1944 1.53 host vs craig (synced with host though) with no issue using the install.

Kudos on not including bad AIs.

One big issue: the install version had screwed up icons and GUI elements (giant yellow squares), while my portable with s44 plugged in was fine.


tbh I don’t feel much like putting any more work into this installer, since desura opens an in all ways much superior distribution method for windows. It’s also way easier maintain now Forb and I have worked out the kinks with evo.


That sounds like a great option. I’m heading into the endgame at university, so in about 4 weeks I’ll have all kinds of time, at which point the priorities will be something like: 1) do everything needed for sasi in S44, 2) maybe a couple SP missions, 3) get registered with desura/start using that…unless you have a different order in mind, koshi.


sounds good to me