I think so.



btw, seems finally got their downloads counter back working:


Koshi: how would I go about updating to the newest spring release (, where LuaAIs aren’t broken?


you wouldn’t :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll get on it, not that there seems to be a portable archvie of it too


Ok, fair enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks koshi, you rock.


updated the installer yesterday and now I remembered to upload to too


Any thoughts on updating the map selection for installer?
Anything else (new) to include?


please test … n_head.exe


What’s currently included?

Moro River I guess isn’t yet in?


everything in /home/s44/htdocs/files/Maps/ is (would be) included:

1944_BocageSkirmish.sd7 1944_FloodBank_v0.sd7 1944_Kiev_V4.sd7 1944_Terra_Firma.sd7 Conquest_of_Paradise_v1.sd7 Verdant_1944.sd7
1944_Caucasus_Skirmish_V4.sd7 1944_Hill_128.sd7 1944_Road_To_Rome_V3.sd7 1944_Village_Crossing_V2.sd7 Tabula-v2.sd7

You can just dump whatever you want into that dir to have it be included.


Excellent, I’ll throw up a few more maps and test the installer once I get to campus tomorrow or Sunday (and then hopefully we can be gearing up for a release at some time next week).


Tested on a clean computer - win xp professional SP3, core 2 duo E8335 2.66ghz, 2gb of ram, ATI mobility radeon HD 2600 XT.

    1. The text for the installer still says 1.07 Lyuban, but I imagine that’s something for spiked to fix (as he made the installer)?
    1. no maps are installed as far as I can tell (Spring 1944/maps is empty, there is no my docs/Spring folder, and SL lists no maps). The installer seems quite small - only 95mb (which is about the size of spring + S44 alone, so I guess they’re just not being included).
  • 3)Spring.exe refuses to start, saying “The procedure entry point __GLEW_ARB_map_buffer_range could not be located in the dynamic link library glew32.dll”
  • 4)I think there’s something wrong with the mod archive? SL doesn’t list it in the mods list.
    1. The default mod filtering doesn’t seem to be working anymore; all games displayed immediately.
    1. The help screen that pops up with different topics is really cool! Is there any chance we could write one specifically for S44 users?


hum update, seems the lab computers at my school don’t play nicely with spring anymore, so at least the feedback about spring.exe not running can probably be discarded.

with a clean install I get “needed openGL extensions cannot be found” blah blah.

  1. no. That was me forgetting there’s a textfile to edit.
  2. correct, was deliberate as to not generate huge download. I mentioned this only in #s44 tho.
  3. no idea. Might the archive itself? Maybe someone else could verify that? … n.head.sdz
  4. no idea either
  5. not currently, but would be possible to add.

#35 … d_rev2.exe
this should fix 1),2)4)


tested again, still no running spring on the lab computers (it seems they’ve rolled back the drivers to like three years ago, which is something I don’t understand) but the text in the installer was changed (obviously - we also need to decide what version Market Garden will be) and maps were there - a nice selection of them, I think, but the mod archive still didn’t show in the lobby. I’m going to try just grabbing the archive to my laptop where I know everything else works properly.


uhm, it’s probably that I didn’t actually copy the mod archive to where the installer picks it up after I fixed the mod archive generation script to not fuck up modinfo.lua. I’ll check again when I’m in office in an hour.


Yupp, the last installer did indeed just include an old mod archive.This is fixed in … d_rev3.exe


Seems that many of the .dlls in the installer do not match with the ones provided by the current spring engine installer, which is part of the issue in my uni lab computers being able to run spring or not. The other issue is a tougher nut, as it involves a silent crash :frowning:


rsync did a piss poor job then wrt the dlls, I’ll check that.