Future of Spring: 1944?


A few more things, like mobile anti-aircraft units and perhaps a few others…but generally no. We are very serious about ensuring that every unit has a unique and useful role that does not overlap with any other; we spent quite a while working through the current unit set to eliminate redundant or multi-role units as best we could.

Don’t mind the ships in 1.06, they’re not balanced or even worked on yet. We have a series of plans to make sure that destroyers are not untouchable god-units/win buttons.


Yeah, I fired up Small_Supreme_Islands and started cheat-giving myself ships. I ended the game by putting three scouts near the German base and then letting a Roberts-class monitor and two DDs (one Fletcher and one O-class) go to town.

As for other units, I was thinking just filling in the gaps - flamethrower units for all sides, additional artillery units, maybe some more planes. The Soviets seem to have a full range of artillery, but the Americans and Germans could use extra units (15.0 cm Hummel SPG and Brummbar assault gun; Panzerwerfer and Sherman Calliope mobile rocket launchers). As far as the Brits, it would be complicated but perhaps fun to think about putting specialized AVRE units in.


I know this is a late response, but the omissions of particular units from particular sides are predicated upon two important things - maintaining side differences, and the amount of those units produced for a particular side/in use during the target time period. We don’t want the sides to play the same, nor to differ only in statistics of particular units.

That said, I think when either Finland or Italy is in, we will probably look at some possible additions to the selections of the core four. Italy and Finland are both shaping up to have wider selections of infantry, at the cost of limited armour, vehicles and assault guns.

Anyway, what happened since this poll was posted can be summed up as partial navies and less suck, two of the less popular options. We were unable to pursue single player missions because the mission editor was abandoned by the developer, and full navies probably should not have been included since we would have to create them as another game. At the moment we’re still working on the suck angle, I’m pushing on Finland, and we’re still hoping to start with the single player missions.


The current navie is too small to be usefull (RC105), light navie from
preM 250 had more use and was still not dominating. Look at german navie now , its crap.


I would like to see more rocket weapons (US T-34 and Germans half tracks), fortifications, heavy artillery, more ships. AND WHERE IS FAMOUS GERMAN FLACK88! How can I make a traps like Rommel did on desert without heavy flack gun?


what about the 128mm AA/AT gun LOL xD


I think you can make old pre dreadnought battleships. The german battleship schleswig holstein was only 127m long. Not much longer than a destroyer so its possible.


Why would those be in a WW2 game? We could make sail frigates then, they are even smaller :slight_smile:

Large ships are planned for naval game, not main S44.


I’d like to see combat engineer squads with flamethrowers, mine laying ability, explosives etc and weapons but no building ability with faction specific specials and support equipment like flame tracks, crocodiles, avres, bangalores, soviet assault armor, crabs, mineroller t34’s etc. I’d also like to see SS pzgrenadiers capable of shooting from HT’s, tankodesantniki Guards able to shoot from tanks, russian sappers with faustnikas and armor, FJ with pzfaust trap teams and so on. I’d also like to see a new heavy AA class with 3.7 inch, 88’s, 90mm’s and 85mm AA guns, as well as giving the germans the 37mm aa gun and making a light AA class wih quad .50cals, single 12.7mm AAMG’s, 20mms for britain and germany maybe with a quad flakvierling. I’d also like AA tanks like the wirbelwind and crusader AA tanks. a separation of light and heavy at with a pak38, 6lb, 57mm american and russian at gun and heavy AT with 3inch’s, 17lb’s, 100mm’s, pak 40’s and pak 43’s.


The Schleswig holstein fight in the second world war! The schleswig holstein begin the second world war! She shoot at the polish soldiers in “Danzig”.


I know. But it was the last of such ships, and it wasn’t very active in battles during the war.


She was at the beginning active. This is enought to do it in a secomd world war game


The poll have been total ignored , no full navies , no new factions , no missions .

Ok, game mechanic has been improved. but that had the 3rd last place in the poll ( 9%) .


I only want a good looking UI =)


I voted for most factions.

In another post, you mention that will be made ​​only Italy and Filandia.

No Japan and France.

It would be nice to have a campaign in SP.


I would like to see some more “special” units. With a field limitation.
Like Panzerwerfer 42/43 (max 2 units). I know it was already discussed but it was used as much as the “walking stuka”; “halftrack with rockets”. Also the panzerwefer 42/43 was cheap cuz It was based on an even simpler halftrack design by Opel I guess. I don’t think that the Russians would lose their exclusivity with the katyusha compared to the Panzerwerfer. The Panzerwerfer also could replace the Nebelwerfer. Panzerwerfer took longer to reload as far as I remember. But its just me.


I’d also like to me to have the possibility of having more units (vehicles, artillery, etc …) and save games in single player.


Game is good and playable as it is. What it needs more than anything is a better ui and installation, how to get help etc.

I detailed some simple to implement things here:

[url]Few simple ideas for making s1944 more accessible.]


I think a good UI is lethal, it adds something to the game. I remember Smoth was doing a UI but kinda abbonded it. Which is sad.

I would like to see either a CoH like UI or a old school “lefti/right” UI (like it is at the moment.) But rather the bottom like menu.