Future of Spring: 1944?


Voted for more factions as i want to see Italians, Japanese and French armies.
I know french only last from 1939 to 1940, but their tanks and naval ships were
better than axis, only fault was their strategy, :wink:


The Devs should really start working on missions, since a mission editor exists now.
spring.clan-sy.com/phpbb/viewtop … 14&t=18218
I made some, but those suck…

I don’t think France should be included, since they were fighting with the British or Russians or US (Vichy France).


Um… French resistance?

Having those guys, sneaking around, blowing enemies up with a surprise attack yelling “Vive la France!”

Would be cool! Don’t know how to fit that into the overall gameplay though.



Right, Germany was the Country which used the Radio, or äh Telephone?!? how ever French had better weapons and some thought they had the best Tank in the world. But Power isnt all. If there is one thing Germany learned from Japanese then its:

“The water beats the stone”

Also the Kingtiger was used by the French Army after the war ^^

Im not sure but the French Army didnt expect that Germany goes over the Aberdeen or how ever its called?!?

In the Futur i personaly want to see better Plane Controle and The French and Italy Army. Also I really want to have a 8,8cm Flak :-/


And some Navy ships.



I think it’s the Ardennes; Aberdeen (as far as military is concerned) is a United States proving ground.


Germany used captured french tanks too, :wink:

French army used tactics from first war, trenches and defensive positions, and their planes were very old.
Infantery carried too much equipment, but tanks, artillery and naval were the best till 1940

Every army has a weak point, or more, :wink:


Yes all armies have something weakness or more. But i choose less suck because this game has more than 5bugs and all of them dont allow me play. And i really like multiplayer campaing thatwill be nice(if spring himself workfirst ofcourse.)


However my Problem which keeps me away from Playing sometimes is the UI and of course the lag.
I think a UI and more Dynamic for Soldiers-Animations ala CoH would be really great. And there is something i really miss in game but i dont know what it is. :frowning:


more dynamic/better quality infantry animations won’t be possible until someone impliments boner-based/poly morph/wtfever animation system.


Tobi is working on lua unit anims right now (to get rid of bos completely), that alone might make things a bit easier :slight_smile:


wow spike is back, lol ähm i would suggest it at the spring forums for these implentation of bones :smiley:
But im not sure if they would do it only for one game (maybe Starwars game too…) , but maybe it would have a positive effect on other Dev-teams which search for a good Engine.


Most of the reason most mods are about robots in one way or another is the fact there’s no skeletal animation support.


And here I thought it was because they’re all *A mods :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve vote to Full Navies but if it can be selected in game modes it would be good enough.
I want to vote to more factions too but increase the number of Axis sides

p.s. sry 4 my bad Eng.


This go together. You need unplayable minor factions, to add some variety to the single player campaign.


could you make it so you can drive the seaport vehicle deeper its difficult to find suitable maps


I’d actually be more interested in seeing some additional air/ground units for the factions we already have (if nothing else, adding a Japanese faction would probably warrant the inclusion of USMC units to the American side). I can’t wait for the twin-engine bombers to show up, and some stuff mentioned in the guide like the Hawker Tempest and Me-262 would be great adds. P-38L Lightning would be a good addition for the US; I think I saw on here that there were plans to include it as the US interceptor but it also made a good fighter-bomber/attack aircraft (something it got used for extensively in Normandy). Some extra German SPGs/Tank Destroyers would also be nice; while it didn’t enter service in large numbers the Jagdtiger would be a formidable answer to the Soviet ISU-152.

Just some suggestions - I’m having trouble in my head fitting stuff like navies and extra factions into the great game you guys have already set up.


Just for your information, navies are already in. They were even in build Lyuban (though horribly unbalanced and not really playable, put in by mistake), they are getting better in current test builds.
As for JgTigert, it’s not a counterpart to ISU-152. Not at all. It’s a dedicated heavy tank destroyer, not a general-purpose big assault gun. If you’re looking for counterparts, take a look at the Brummbar - that would be closer, though still not exactly it.


lol submarines would be so cool. Maybe the Elektroboot type XXI :smiley:DD totaly stealthed rofl but it would unbalance the navies lol


I’m not dead-set against the idea of navies, just curious as to how they’d fit into the current games, especially if we’re limited to DD-sized craft and smaller. I’d see them as mostly being used as escorts for troop transports and shore-pounders, and you’d need huge maps with lots of water to properly accommodate them. Overall on OTA and other Spring variants like NOTA I’m a navy-oriented player (so much so that when I forwarded the link to Lyuban to a friend he asked me why I was bothering with S1944 if there were no grand fleets of battleships involved; I suppose toys like the King Tiger and mass Katyusha bombardments meet that fix).