Awesome screens


These forums always turn into history lessons.
Not always a bad thing tho.


the ship looks like a real: come and i shoot you da hell ship, will there be anything equal?


a map.


Playing around in 3ds max.


Gay little animation.


lol cool but animating with 3ds max is not supported by spring as far as i remember. Would make a lot of things much easier i think :slight_smile:


Well, Spring doesn’t support mesh deformation, vertex weights and the like, but Upspring can import BVH anims so long as the model is properly broken up.


more gay poses.


Stuff. Who can guess what it is


Battletech of some sort. Or any other Anglo-American mecha design drawing heavily from early Japanese designs.


Ignore me.


Camouflaged 17-Pounder position for “Baseless” mode.

This is essentially the same Dug-In 17-Pounder – the Truck can morph into either the Dug-In or the Camouflaged mode. The different being that the enemy has to be much closer to spot the camouflaged version, and it will not reveal itself when it fires, allowing you to set up better ambushes against enemy tanks.

All factions will get similar camouflaged versions of their AT guns.


Some screenshot dumps.




lol godde,m pretty good




Why traffic jams are bad …

Me 262 giving a Shturmovik a very bad day

StuGs and infantry


Aw, the cute lil Tigger’s trying to hide!

So much for that tree …

That was a Cromwell …


Got bored last night.


Forgot how to remove the group number overlay. Good shot otherwise.

Little demo of how far the kitty’s claws can reach.



Deployed MG42

PaK 40 emplacement