Awesome screens


Is there a Iowa-Class Battleship for the united states?


No. No way for units longer than about 130 meters to appear - my current ships are way too large compared to other units. Roberts class monitor was acceptable because while it has 15" guns, it’s no longer than a destroyer.
(unless someone models large ships, ofc. I won’t model battleships while there are other things to do, that means I won’t do them).


A collection of minimaps of the maps I’ve done over the past couple days.


Not an in-game shot, but I thought this was pretty cute:


No problem i can do this job if you want.


Those ships look like SEX.


I remember that Germany made the first Stealth submarine in 1944 (U-480) and the first stealth planes later as well…or earlier i am not sure…


Do you mean Horten jet bomber projects? They would have wooden hulls, so would have little radar signature (aka stealth). Only problem is, they weren’t ever built.


I am not sure but there was some protypes and they tried to make the normal Messerschmidt planes more “Stealth” but thats not the reason of my post the -U 480- was the first stealth submarine. Maybe you guys can make something with the Idea watch up on wikipedia U 480 ^^


hmm… i think your going to have trouble finding a suitable american submarine, but brits can use the X-craft midget.

be warned though, it uses 2 massive HE packs strapped to it to kill with the following method:

sneak up close
release charges
get away before big boom.

most notably they were used sinking the tirpitz.


I think Germany had alot of Submarines so maybe some Anti-Sub aircrafts for the allies? As like the most other vehicles in the German team the Stealth submarine was advanced to build so high cost and high ETA would be fair against ally subs?


Not awesome per se, just the US Radar. Nothing special, but it works.


And with British radar. Yes, they use the same base. I’m lazy ok?


i never saw radars like this but it will be right, ^^
great models anyway




i only know the bunker radar they used on Hawaii at Pearl Harbour, in the mountains but i never knew about these tent versions, however looks cool.


The Finnish coastal defence ship Väinämöinen. Packs quite a firepower for its tonnage (4000t), but is relatively slow. There were 2 such ships in total, one was lost in 1941, the other sirvived the war.




Finnish? wasnt Finnland occupied by Germany?


No, it wasn’t. Finland was an ally of Germany from 1941 up to the second half of 1944, when it turned neutral (to prevent Soviet occupation) and fought German troops to force them out.