Awesome screens


They are OK for me, except that red smiley, in which the upside-down grin touches the jaw, which looks ugly.


They’ve already been replaced :wink:

And will probably be replaced again by neddie at some point


Cool this is almost like a wargame. Is it possible to exclude the health bars for tanks and have different strenghts at different sides of armour? Like for example a t-34 fires a round at a tiger 2 at the front but does not knock-out the tank but when shot from the sides the tank is knock-out or at the back the tiger 2 explodes?


Possible - yes (with a bit of script work as the hitbyweapon callins are quite unreliable when in comes to angles). Practical - no. That’s because engine is not expecting that, so pathfinder will constantly make units show their weak sides to the enemy. Units need to at least turn to face the enemy on their own, currently they only turn turrets to aim if the enemy is in range, no matter which side of the hull faces it (turreted units that is, ie tanks).


Tanks are weaker at the rear and stronger at the front, though it is a gradual change around the circumference of the unit’s hitsphere - not a specific, discrete setting per side.

Has the same effect though. :slight_smile:


Here’s a new ship for the USA.


Just an array of all current vehicles.


(mouth waters longingly) :smiley:


Here’s a new US ship.
Take a look at the Landing Craft, Support (Large).


A British battle group (consisting of 2 O-class destroyers, one Hunt II DE and one Roberts-class monitor) moves into the sea.


Damnit it is sexy for a ship they only ever built 2 of. :astonished:


Well, if you consider the Erebus and Terror, which also looked somewhat like that, then that’s 2 ships more. Of course Erebus class were old WW1 monitors, but their main armament was the same (though AA armament was very different).


Will the ships be textured more or is that how they will look?


They will be properly texxed some day, but we have enough trouble getting textures from our single texture artist for units that we want in upcoming releases, the navy release is quite far off.


oki thx ! I would have tryed to contribute if I actually knew how to do anything but screens lol
maybe when I have a new comp :smiley:


what are u using to make these ships? coz they are amazing!


I model the ships in AutoCAD, and then assemble the models in 3DO builder for use in Spring (so they are all currently in 3DO format since I’m not good with uvmapping). That means they aren’t textured, but still usable (Spring does considerably good shading, so even a completely grey model looks good).
However, a release with ships is still far away, we need to get the ground one out at least.


A new ship for the US Navy - the Buckley class DE. A light destroyer that carries torpedoes and so is dangerous even to the largest of ships.


A crazy German superweapon.


Karl Gareat Morser, add this in, add this in!